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Being part of a great organization, such as Sales Operations, has given me the opportunity to develop my career, and improve my skills and abilities, to communicate and collaborate with peers and customers worldwide. Hewlett Packard Enterprise, with its global culture and robust portfolio, currently embraces all the main factors behind the emerging of sales operations, and this is precisely one of the reason why I love my work. Enterprise Technology, Data Analytics, Inside Sales, Marketing Alignment and Millennials. It’s like a perfect recipe for someone looking to create a strong and successful career path.

Sales Operations participating in a local photo contestSales Operations participating in a local photo contest

Working yourself up in this specific field is not easy, it requires dedication, tenacity, and an outstanding understanding of your customers’ needs, in order to provide the best services and solutions. While you work on getting your objectives done, you realize that you are also provided with the opportunity to build your own solid all-around portfolio in financial, administrative, and credit wise scenarios. This has allowed me to choose from a wide variety of career areas and decide to continue my path elsewhere within HPE. My skills are enhanced and tested on a daily basis, with the various teams I work with, and as an additional advantage - it allows me to have visibility inside and outside the company, while also strengthening my networking abilities. A win-win situation, I must say!
HPE Day one with Sales measurement Specialists (Mike Hernandez , Ari Briseño, Cesar Peralta, Carlos Villagran)HPE Day one with Sales measurement Specialists (Mike Hernandez , Ari Briseño, Cesar Peralta, Carlos Villagran)The environment is awesome, people are super positive, and every individual is encouraged to develop teamwork.

The work-life balance is great, we are allowed to be flexible with the schedule and have spare time to have fun and participate in team building activities, such as cool contests! I also enjoy volunteering, from time to time. This is also an important part of our work, since we really like to give back to our community and help others. Sales Operations in HPE is an amazing organization to be part of.

Meeting new people, new cultures, experiencing different working styles and making new friends - this is what it’s all about!

If you want to become part of this wonderful family, make sure you search and apply for one of our open roles on the HPE Careers website: Good luck!

Sales Measurement Specialists team at HPE MexicoSales Measurement Specialists team at HPE Mexico

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12916256_1561694057456985_6921518307878435702_o.jpgAri Briseñohas been working for the last 5 years in the Sales Compensation team. She started in the Claims team, and 1 year ago she was promoted as Sales Measurement Specialist for Sales Compensation. During her time in Sales Compensation, she had the chance to take different trainings, and also be part of fun activities, such as joining a soccer and flag football team.









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