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See how your peers are winning with HPE Storage Certifications

Left to right: Greg Hills, Beth O'Malley, and Dean ColpittsLeft to right: Greg Hills, Beth O'Malley, and Dean Colpitts

NOW is the right time to get HPE Storage Solutions V2 Certified. Empower your career to go farther, faster with the latest Storage Solutions certifications.

Over the years, I have talked with many customers about their perception of the value of employees, partners or consultants who hold industry recognized IT certifications. The answers are slightly different but follow a common theme.

“Those who hold IT certification are high performers, have more confidence, and build solutions better than what we expected.”

This perception comes as no surprise to me. I worked hard to achieve IT certifications after shadowing IT certified professionals at the help desk and answering support calls. I began to notice a pattern where call volumes from clients were lower or non-existent when an IT certified professional had visited to clean up issues we could not resolve over the phone. IT certifications opened doors, resulting in higher pay, better jobs, and a higher level of respect from management.

Fast forward to today. Expectations from HR and hiring managers have increased. Candidates are screened by whether or not they have certifications. I know some of you are saying, “on the job training or formal training is all I need.” The problem is HR has no way to validate your skills and knowledge simply from mentions of the trainings you list. There is always a test to verify you understand concepts and can demonstrate how to apply the training to real-life scenarios. I cannot think of any post-secondary program that issues certificates, diplomas, or degrees without passing test scores from every class. The same applies to industry standard training and certification programs. Yes, you are encouraged to participate in training to learn more about a product or solution but you have not validated your skills and knowledge without examination.

“HPE certifications provide the skills needed to deliver the best solutions in today's transformational data center."

~Greg Hills, Comport Consulting

Several weeks ago, I attended the HPE Storage Conference for Master Accredited Solutions Experts (ASE) in Colorado. Close to 100 Master ASE partners were there to learn about the latest in HPE Storage technologies. This included preparation for the new Master ASE Storage Solutions V2 certification exams. delta-training course. With the V2 exam vouchers attendees received. I know every one of them will take the test and upgrade to the latest HPE Storage Solutions certification.

For me, the biggest take away from the conference was listening to how our Masters are winning more deals, advancing their careers, and earning the role of trusted IT advisor for their customers.

"HPE certifications allow my customers to have confidence that any solution I design and deploy for them actually meets their needs, on time, on budget."

~Dean Colpitts, Members IT Group

Our Master ASE community is a tight knit group of professionals who share insights, best practices, and the latest golden nuggets from recent projects. Along with customer success stories, I learned how  Masters have saved the day for their customers, recovered lost data, or brought systems online with moments to spare. This is how you win new customers and build new success stories for your career. IT certifications are not easy to obtain but from all of the customer success stories I heard from the Masters, they are worth their weight in gold.

“HPE Certifications give me credibility with the partner community that I work with, so they know I am qualified to support them.”

~Beth O’Malley, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

To learn more about our HPE Storage certifications visit Tune into this blog channel tomorrow for more exciting news about new HPE Storage Solutions certifications. You can also catch-up and read yesterday's post "3 Months into 2016. Is your career on track? V2 Certification can help you tune up."

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