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Hewlett Packard Labs is doing research based on brain-inspired architectures. We call this "Neuromorphic Computing". Register for this session to learn how Labs is leveraging technologies such as non-linear physics and parallel systems to solve complex problems orders of magnitude faster and tens to thousands of times less energy than digital computers. This webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, April 25th from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. pacific time

There are currently pressing problems in various domains including cryptography, biology, environmental science, etc., which cannot be addressed by today’s conventional computers.  Application-specific accelerators will have to be built so that computers can be more widely applicable and customizable to different classes of problems.  At Hewlett Packard Labs, we’re conducting research on "neuromorphic" or brain-inspired computers, to replicate the tricks the brain uses to solve problems many of our best computers struggle to complete.  Join HPE's research scientist and neuromorphic computing expert, Suhas Kumar, to learn more about how we are taking advantage of technologies developed at HPE over the past decade, from nonlinear physics to large-scale parallel systems, to emulate and even outperform the brain in solving complex problems at faster speeds and lower powers.

Read more about this work in the recently published Nature Electronics article on Memristors move analogue computing closer to the edge. 

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