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Step up to the HPE Accredited Solutions Expert (ASE) certification

HPE Accredited Solutions ExpertHPE Accredited Solutions Expert

The HPE Accredited Solutions Expert (ASE) certification validates you have the foundational skills to describe HPE products and solutions and confirms that you understand their value to the business. It means you can recognize and recommend appropriate HPE products and solutions at a high level, based on customer needs. It validates you can install and configure HPE equipment and software, and you can administer and support IT solutions once they are in place.


Typical candidates for the ASE certification are IT personnel with a minimum of one to three years’ experience in a technology area or experienced IT personnel who want information about new subject matter areas.

Skill Level


Typical ASE benefits

  • Opportunity to participate in competency modeling workshops, ASE certification course development workshops and exam reviews
  • Technology Solution Series webinars
  • All HPE ATP and HPE Product Certified benefits

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