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Back when I joined HPE, I never imagined the kind of work that I would be doing. After taking the MS degree in Computer Engineering, I entered the world of Outsourcing a little bit disorientated, although I found myself immediately in tune with the company spirit and my wonderful colleagues.Andrea at the HPE officesAndrea at the HPE officesI started as an HPE technician in the Configuration Management area, a server oriented activity, where I had the opportunity to acquire a lot of experience in Operating Systems, Infrastructure Architecture and Middleware Software installation and configuration. My mind was extremely busy to learn as much as possible, from technical to how the company was organized and worked, and, after a while, I understood that I was not suited for that role because my passion was more oriented on the software side,  and also my University studies revealed that strength.

After the first year, I applied for an internal move in the development area. I succeed and joined the Communication and Media Solution division, and I became a developer and a Technology Consultant in the Enterprise Service Business Unit team for a big telco customer. Despite remaining in the same company, I felt catapulted in a completely new reality, from the kind of work to the approach of the customer and of my new colleagues. I was full of energy, I met new colleagues, very capable and honest teams. The first part of it was very hard, because I was catapulted into a lot of issues to solve, and, with so little experience, I found a lot of difficulties and challenges,  but this was the moment that I gained more experience than ever in the troubleshooting and problem solving. I was excited about the opportunity and challenge, and I spent more than 3 years working with amazing people and ensuring maximum professionalism and delivering best quality to the customer. It was a magnificent experience and I learned new programming languages and frameworks. Also being in first line for the resolution of big issues in critical projects from the customer had made me more effective and accountable. Andrea loves taking tripsAndrea loves taking trips

Even so, I felt the need to take my career further, and so I decided to speak with my manager, a very open minded person that I was proud to call my “boss”. I revealed my desire to acquire more experience in international projects and to go abroad to learn different languages and cultures. Honestly, I didn’t think that he will be so comprehensive and involved, but he did find a way for me to realize my wish, asking for my participation in a new project that involved our colleagues in Denmark.




HPE Denmark officesHPE Denmark officesAnd this is how I've embraced this new adventure in the Scandinavian land, that has started at the end of 2016, just at the beginning of winter. In this project, the R&D Danish team has been developing a product bought and used by the Italian customer, for an internal software transformation and renewal. As an extended memeber of the Italian team I have been sent to coordinate the delivery for the customer and the analysis of issues and enhancements to the product, directly with the experts and the inventor.

At HPE Denmark I have found a completely different mindset and working environment, and, from the beginning I've felt really good here. New working and living condition have been easy,  in fact I've felt more relaxed and happy in this new environment. Always focused to learn and get the maximum from my work, I continue to do the best and stay motivated. That is why, for me, HPE is that perfect place that has offered me all these international opportunities.
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Andrea at the HPE officesAndrea at the HPE offices

Andrea Matera joined HPE more than 5 years ago, started as Service Delivery Consultant in the Configuration Management area of Outsourcing, moved into a Technical Consultant position, and as a Developer he acquired a lot of experience in the Communication and Media Solutions area.

His lifestyle is full of active sports (Running, Swimming and Biking) and the loves travelling and being an event organizer and promoter.
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Donato L

Amazing as professional, as colleague and as friend. Wish you the best my old dear friend!!


Amazing as professional, as colleague and as friend. Wish you the best my old dear friend!!