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Tech certifications can be career game changers



Looking for a way to advance in your career? To move up the career ladder, you need domain knowledge and you need to convince other people you have that knowledge.

Adding to your skill set by getting a technology certification may be the answer. Preparing for the test (or tests!) makes sure that your skill set reflects the entire subject area, whether you choose to focus on a technology certification or a business skill like project management. After all, a prospective manager may worry that you know everything about one corner of the topic, and be utterly ignorant about the rest. Before you take the test, you may want to (or need to) take preparatory training courses on everything from virtualization to cloud to big data.

The payoff? Certifications can add more bling to your CV, and often translate to a bigger salary in your bank account. 

Need guidance on the certifications that make a difference? These tips on certifications in a variety of technology specialities can be just the boost you need: 

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Judy Goldman, Social Media Manager at Enterprise.NXTJudy Goldman, Social Media Manager at Enterprise.NXT

Judy Goldman is the Social Media Manager for enterprise.nxt. Her work at HPE allows her to share her passion for emerging technology. Judy loves connecting people to innovation, and sharing stories that help others engage with and understand the world around them. She is a digital nomad, often found traveling with her gorgeous canine companion KC, a 10-pound mini Dachshund.

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