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Technical Team Lead at HPE - the perfect balance between technical and people management!

"Technology is what drives us and we love pushing the limits together as a team, embracing every new challenging day." says Svetoslav, Technology Team Lead at HPE Read more about his journey at HPE!


My current role is Team Technical Lead of the Client Virtualization team, part of HPE Enterprise Services. I am working with 30 highly skilled engineers who provide top products for virtualization and remote access such as Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop, XenMobile, Provisioning Services, HP Thin Clients, VMware View and control management solutions NetScaler, AppSense and Access Gatway. We manage virtualization environments for 20+ customers with more than 100,000 users and 2500+ servers.


My role is equally split between technical and people management, while I ensure the availability and stability of each of the customers we support. This includes a lot of proactive and analytical approach - something that I really like, as it has huge visibility and brings customer satisfaction. I’m also a Transition Lead for our team, responsible for accepting all new customers, onboarding new environments and I’m also a quality keeper of the new service or demand.

Svetoslav is currently Technology Team Lead of the team Client Virtualization ServicesSvetoslav is currently Technology Team Lead of the team Client Virtualization ServicesThe people management part of my job is very intriguing. My tasks are to keep the team always up to date, not only with current and relevant information, but keep them trained and knowledgeable of the lasts product versions, tendencies and features. What I like most are the regular personal meetings with each member of the team and setting the development plans for them. The Technical Team Lead role is a challenging position in each delivery organization due to the combination of technical and people management acumen. It requires a lot of work to gain maturity, dedication and excellence in your soft, management and negotiation skills. If a person has plans to achieve significant career development in organization such as Enterprise Services, the Team Technology Lead is a great way to do so. 


Svetoslav and his team during a meetingSvetoslav and his team during a meeting

A highly skilled person such as a Senior Engineer could take maximum value from HPE and especially my Client Virtualization Team. CVS is cutting edge technology which has been highly acknowledged by customers. It gives desired solutions for each middle to big business, it costs less than any physical solution, it’s secure, it’s scalable and most importantly – centralized and easy to manage. A Senior Engineer would have the opportunity to work with one of the biggest HPE customers, environments with tens of hundreds servers, all kinds of solutions, the newest software and services, to gain experience and knowledge from international teams, to become Subject Matter Expert, Implementation lead, Design Architect, Solution Architect and many more. CVS and HPE combined is an amazing tool for great career and personal development.

But how did my career at HPE start? It all began back in 2010. I’ve worked for about a year for HP as a contractor for Singapore vendor, supporting a really curtail HP application called Quality Center (nowadays called ALM – Application Lifecycle Manager), afterwards I’ve worked for about 2 years in a small UK company supporting Citrix. Then everything came clear to me, Citrix is the thing I would like to gain expertise in and work with. And what better place than HP?

I started as Technical Support Engineer and only a year after, I was promoted to a Deep Technical Support Engineer. That’s how I’ve taken my first customers as Delivery Lead. Additionally, I’ve also taken the configuration management pilot initiative and I have become one of first Configuration Leads at HPE. Due to that fact, I was the most suitable person to do all transition, accepting and onboarding activities for CVS team. This means numerous new customers and infrastructures left to my judgment regarding stability, availability and sustainability. I really love to do this transitions, meeting new people, learning new solutions and setups, digging deep in the environments and how they are designed - it gives me fresh knowledge in collaboration with highly skilled engineers.

If I must sum it up, my position as Technology Team Lead provided me with a whole new perspective, knowledge and skills. The people I work most of the time with are also my friends, it is a privilege and challenge to lead such knowledgeable professionals. Technology is what drives us and we love pushing the limits together as a team, embracing every new challenging day.

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Svetoslav Tsekov grew his career within HP (and later HPE) progressing from Technical Support Engineer to DTS and afterwards Technology Team Lead of the team Client Virtualization Services. He is excited to let you know more about his career journey and how he decided that Citrix is exactly what he wants to do. You can contact him also here:







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