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Over my 9+ years of work at HPE in Global IT, I always see myself thrilled, challenged and engaged in learning new products, strategies, initiatives. We are also encouraged to adopt, adapt and integrate cutting edge IT technologies. Robust applications are built this way to support business operation and achieve optimal results. In Quote to Cash program in 2013, we built applications using the new distributed framework technology stacks, as one of the early adoption of Angular/Node JS in Sprint J2EE framework and REST/SOAP services. This greatly helped to automate and seamless order management process. There is always tradeoffs when applying new technology. We are allowed to take risk, while assess and review carefully beforehand, and enhance and tune afterwards. Along the way, products keep evolving to provide more features with performance and scalability tuning catchup. During recent Global IT transformation, we introduced and migrated pricing data transaction landscape with state of the art technologies, for example, S4 Hana for modulated, integrated, in memory data modeling and processing; KAFKA for event streaming at scale and more. Process wise, from traditional Waterfall to modem Agile, we came out with hybrid approach to better adapt to our complicated, vary paced project delivery cycle. We keep evolving our tool to adopt, transform and support NPI (New Product Initiation) and product through company acquisition. There are many training opportunities here in HPE, for example, HPE Discovery, TechCon Technology Conference, which keep you at the front tier to be exposed, learn and contribute to all HPE innovations.

Technology! Technology! Technology! Culturally, HPE as a big company, has long history and enriched culture like a family to achieve employee work-life balance. Team work is the key here. Whenever there is need, team members and business partners will come to help to provide fresh ideas, suggestions through collaboration until all aspects are assessed, all parties are aligned and solution is reached. Management is always there to support when escalate. To ensure your career advance, your career path is constantly planned, reviewed, monitored and mentored. HPE also provide rich program, like HPE Wellness, HPE Giving, HPE Volunteer to help you grow with personal life.

If you are interested in joining HPE, please apply and join HPE to learn, grow, achieve and accomplish one after another.  

0.jpgCathy Zou is a software professional with over 18+ years of industry experience including startups and Fortune 500 companies for Finance, Insurance, eCommerce, Marketing, Order Management and Sales Supply Chain. Holding various roles as Technical Lead, System Architect , Product Owner, Technical Project Manager, and Solution Architect, I have specialties including SaaS enterprise service management, digital content management, J2EE high availability distributed system architecture, Data analysis and reporting, product lifecycle delivery, security, cloud infrastructure provisioning, system transformation architecture and optimization, project stake holder management…During 9+ years at HPE, most recently work at HPE Global IT transformation in Order Management leading pricing domain as Pricing Architect and pricing product owner to evolve pricing landscape, leveraging  cutting edge technologies to simplify and scale to achieve peak performance. Strong ability in resolving complex problems, exceptional skill to drive execution to completion, operational excellence with customer satisfaction;  self-motivated, highly effective, results driven with strong communication skills with customer, business, vendor, client, teams in collaboration to promote high level confidence and trust with project success.

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