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The Real Business Value of a Master ASE Certification

Cushing Anderson, Analyst with IDC, shares his thoughts on the value of Master ASE certifications.


Recent conversations with several Master ASE certified consultant reinforced the need for well architected technology solutions and the fundamental importance of technology in creating business value. Those conversations also demonstrated the importance of trust in the client-consultant relationship and the value of a rigorous certification Master ASE from Hewlett Packard Enterprise, to build knowledge and confidence.


We know that “Digital transformation is the business game-changer today,” confirms Aditya Narain Kakkar, Director at Intensity Global Technologies. However, “staying current with technology is like ‘riding the tiger.’ When you’re riding, everyone thinks you’re great, but you can’t afford to get off because then you are lunch,” agrees Kit Somal, Storage and Security Consultant in New York.

So, in complex IT environments, knowledge and skill matters. To successfully architect and implement robust storage, networking or security solutions requires a deep understanding of operating requirements and of the strengths and most up-to-date operating parameters of the best equipment.

IDC has found that Master ASE certified IT consultants and implementers, who work with gear like FlexNetwork, ArcSight, and HPE storage, server and networking technology, are confident they build better solutions, solve complex client challenges more quickly and ultimately help their firms win more business.

Understanding Client Issues Leads to Better Solutions

Listening to customers to identify their values… is critical to us understanding their real needs and providing the best possible solution.

 Alexandre Oliveira, Brazilian IT services firm Chip & Cia

Successful consulting is about translating business and technical requirements into an effective solution. Becoming certified helps senior consultants quickly understand their clients’ requirements: "My Master ASE certification has helped me listen to my customer's needs, understand their issues and then build a solution for them,” says Networking Principle Solution Architect and HPE Master ASE Tony Brown from CompuCom  "My Master ASE Storage certification has given me the skillset to translate my customer's business requirements into complex often multi-site storage solutions,” says Scott Cole, Solution Architect from Logista, an information technology and services firm in Birmingham, Alabama.

Once the consultant and the client both understand the issues, certified consultants then can use their knowledge and experience to design and build a solution that meets those needs. "My Master ASE certification lets me leverage my knowledge and expertise to develop the best possible solution for my customer, both from a functionality and a budget perspective," confirms Network Architect Brown.

I'm better prepared to go in front of my customers, analyze their needs and propose a solution that will really help them change their business and increase their profitability.

Markus Gruber, Senior Solutions Architect from Comport Technology Solutions, the Cloud, Security, Mobility and Big Data consultant in New Jersey

Confidence leads to Revenue

With the HPE Partner Ready Certification, our staff see themselves learning, growing and contributing to our business. That sense of purpose drives satisfaction and is a win-win model for all.

Kakkar from Intensity Global

In order to best serve clients, consulting firms must make a choice. “To grow with our customers and prospects… meant making a commitment to our people,” believes Kakkar. By supporting their most experienced staff continue their professional development, consulting firm leaders are acknowledging the importance of the skill and capability of their staff to their business success. Supporting the certification of their staff helps consulting organizations differentiate themselves. “Knowledge and technical expertise … is something that my company uses to set itself apart,” says Greg Hills, Enterprise Architect and HPE Master ASE from Comport Consulting. "My Master ASE certification gives my employer the confidence that I can handle anything that they give me,” agrees Brown from CompuCom.

And, of course, it helps clients decide whom to select: “[A prospect] asked me directly how they could know with confidence I was the right person to provide their solution. My HPE Master ASE Storage Solutions Architect certification and other credentials sealed the deal,” remarks consultant Somal from NYC.

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