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The Storm Chaser: HPE Veterans Leading the Way on Hurricane Relief



Employees at HPE are what ignite's the culture by continuously demonstrating action, innovation, and partnerships. We are what defines the company: how we act, how we treat others, and how we conduct business. 

A team of Veterans from Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company made a difference with building and deploying an Emergency Response Team in response to the recent hurricanes.

Jeffrey Weaver, Aruba Practice Leader for Large Public VenuesJeffrey Weaver, Aruba Practice Leader for Large Public Venues

Jeffrey Weaver, Aruba Practice Leader for Large Public Venues recruited fellow colleagues, Marcus Wehmeyer and Michael Johnston to help. 

They loaded up their vehicles with camping equipment and face masks and set out from Fort Lauderdale, Denver and Phoenix to Houston.  Keep in mind all three of these guys are United States Air Force Veterans, active outdoorsmen and specialists in wireless communication.  

The team met with the Harris County of Emergency Management on the morning of Monday, September 4th, and set up camp.  They enlisted the help of a seasoned Aruba Project Manager who has worked on complex projects like the Super Bowl.  

The team visited HPE customers and partners to scope out what equipment was needed and organized shipments for the next day.   Once the mission was complete and the local teams were deployed, our reconnaisance team headed to the next storm - Hurricane Irma in Florida.  Now on to their next mission, where they are offering assistance to our customers in Puerto Rico.


Jeff and his family have  a track record of making a difference.  His wife, Judy Weaver, a yoga teacher, started Connected Warriors five years ago. 

Connected Warriors provides Trauma Conscious therapeutic yoga to our Nation's Servicemembers, Veterans and their families.   Through yoga instruction, active servicemembers and military Veterans are able to increase their mental focus and self-awareness   Learn more at

Stay connected to Jeff via LinkedIn and visit HPE's Military Veterans Program to learn more about HPE Careers.  

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