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The story of an Inside Sales Rep at HPE Barcelona


The world of technology and innovation is extremely fascinating, and the same is true for the solutions Hewlett Packard Enterprise invents and builds every day. In addition to this, this company has an unbeatable location for its offices, right at the Mediterranean Sea!

As anyone can imagine, joining HPE has been an exciting and unique experience, and a significant step forward in my professional life and for my personal development. Working in this international environment, with colleagues from around the globe, and with different levels of experience, has been extremely enriching!

Attending a social event organized by HPE in BarcelonaAttending a social event organized by HPE in Barcelona

My HPE journey started in 2014, after my graduation from a Scottish university, with a four years Master Honours Degree in Economics. Oh yes, I remember how excited I was about getting my first real job! Graduation is just such an exciting time, when you sometimes might feel lost, and you are not sure where to go next. For me it was clear I wanted to get into a company that provides me with opportunities for growth and development, and, of course, a place where I can make great friends along the way. I wanted a job where I can make a difference and learn from my peers at the same time. At the university, I have always enjoyed the challenging courses most, and from my internship opportunities, I knew I was passionate about working on dynamic projects, in a smart environment, and with talented people. From the first day in HPE, I have been involved in major IT projects from the very start of this programme, and my account team has been very helpful in guiding me along the way. I’m thrilled to be looking back and seeing the development I have made, besides having met remarkable people!

Spending the weekend at the seaside with my colleaguesSpending the weekend at the seaside with my colleagues

When I first entered the company, I realized two things: one - as someone completely new to this industry, this would be quite a challenge, but even more than that, I saw this as being a fantastic opportunity for growth. I strongly believe it is good to challenge yourself every day, and I have to say I entered this industry more by coincidence, rather than hands-on planning. I told myself ‘why not?!’ and gave it a go. And it was the right decision to make . I honestly did not imagine how much work there was behind a Cloud or all the things a server could do! Working in such an innovative industry is very exciting and makes this job very interesting, with endless opportunities to acquire new knowledge. My current role allowed me to demonstrate my ability to manage multiple projects, communicate effectively and work in a highly international team.


Secondly, I realized this programme has prepared me for an international career, where strategic planning, effective communication and the ability to motivate come into play. As part of my role as an Inside Sales Rep, I have been assigned to the Swiss market, covering global key accounts, and have recently been promoted to cover the whole EMEA! How cool is that?!

Sightseeing with my HPE colleagues in BarcelonaSightseeing with my HPE colleagues in BarcelonaOne great thing about Sales is that you work closely with people, and that it allows you to not only learn about IT, but also your customers’ industry! My first year at HPE was all about learning and development: gaining understanding of project lifecycle, forecast analysis and improving communication and negotiation skills. During my two years as an Inside Sales Rep, I have received extensive training on solutions and technical knowledge, as well as coordination and leadership skills.

The trainings provided by HPE will help you perform and develop different sets of skills, which will give you a great advantage for any future career plans. My language and soft skills help me to perform and offer high quality consulting to our customer key accounts. I enjoy my role because I learn something new every day and projects are dynamic and interesting. Sales, without doubt, is one of the most dynamic functions within an organization, and Barcelona is one of the greatest places to live in.

Enjoying summer at Costa BravaEnjoying summer at Costa Brava

Besides HPE being a great company to start your career, I also see this to be fantastic opportunity to become fluent in another language! Or if you already know Spanish, why not try out some Catalan! Barcelona offers an incredible range of activities due to it being located at the sea and beside the mountains. I usually do after-work activities at the beach, sport classes, or go for a run on the Carretera de les Aigues to help stay concentrated and focused during the day. On weekends, I usually explore the city or nearby nature, and often go horse riding, and during summer time we go diving at some great spots on Costa Brava. This city gives you lots of choices on what to do and visit, a rich culture and excellent food! Who wouldn’t want to experience this?!

Do you like Marie Louise’s story? You can learn more about our International Inside Sales Program here and together we’ll work faster to what’s next!

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Marie-Louise Mueller is 26 years old, and after graduating in Economics from the University of Aberdeen, she worked at Mercedes Benz for a couple of months, before joining the Barcelona HPE Inside Sales Team, back in November 2014. Marie is originally from Germany, but moved overseas after finishing High School, and has lived and worked in several countries since then. This has allowed her to better understand different cultures, and gain insights into different business areas around the globe. You can connect with Maria on LinkedIn.







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