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The story of three Inside Sales Representatives @ HPE Sales Center Berlin

ISR Berlin Hub Team!ISR Berlin Hub Team!

Felix Schepers

The digital transformation and the IT in general is more and more changing the way how we communicate, interact and inform ourselves. Due to the fact that these significant changes are drastically impacting our private life’s and the way of how we work, I wanted to understand which processes and technologies are working in the background to enable us an easier daily life.

HPE as one of the top companies who is driving and shaping technological innovation, with more than 7 decades of knowledge in the IT field, offers exactly what I was seeking for and therefore helps me to understand these processes.

To prepare ourselves for the role as an ongoing ISR, HPE is doing everything to create a warming and welcoming environment as well as developing the start in your new job as comfortable as possible. Currently I am in the Onboarding process. This can be seen as a 12 week training course in which you will get into touch with all the products HPE is offering, HPEs strategy, the companies values and of course professional sales training. The training is filled with numerous group assignments, real life cases and tutorials, which make the learning process feeling less static and more playful.

Onboarding DayOnboarding Day

In our new office which is located at the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. We have everything you could imagine. Starting with a community area where you can have breakfast or lunch in the breaks or meet your colleagues after work. The facilities offer daily events like yoga sessions, tastings (beverages and food) and all kinds of networking activities.

The working culture and the atmosphere in our office is really warm and welcoming. Everyone at HPE is making your start really easy and comfortable. Additionally we have an open door policy, which means that you can engage with your managers on daily basis if you wish. Your managers will be open for feedback, critics or just small talk. In most cases they will tackle problems and issues as fast as possible. In case that there are knowledge gaps in your training progress due to sickness or other reasons just ask your colleges, they will be happy to help you out!

Another great thing about HPE is, that I can write my bachelor thesis in cooperation with HPE. I am studying International Business Management in the last semester and my thesis topic is “Digital Leadership – How the digital transformation is changing leadership models and core competencies of the digital leader”. Therefore HPE is offering me everything I need to implement case studies and real life examples how digitalization is changing leadership and the theoretical models behind it.

Felix Schepers, Inside Sales Rep. BerlinFelix Schepers, Inside Sales Rep. Berlin

Felix Schepers is 23 years old and currently in the final stage of his bachelor study program in International Business Management. Before joining HPE, Felix did his internship at Arvato Bertelsmann as a Key Account Manager for healthcare supply chain management. You can connect with Felix on LinkedIn










Nena Hannemann

I’m working as an Inside Sales Representative at HPE since May this year. When you start your career at HPE you will have a three month Onboarding period. During this time every week has its own target. One week we had everyday a workshop regarding HPE products and services which was very helpful for getting a quick overview. In the afternoon we had very interesting sales trainings regarding the IT market.

Onboarding Day with NenaOnboarding Day with Nena

In the last weeks of the Onboarding period my previous colleague handed over every project to me and introduced me to our partners. Therefore I had a very soft beginning in my ISR job. Additionally my HPE colleagues and partners are very welcoming to me and are open to help me. As an ISR now I’m managing a set of assigned or acquired accounts via mail, phone or social media. While managing my accounts from inside the office I work hand in hand with my field sales, to achieve the best service. This includes building, maintaining and forecasting sales pipelines and creating and developing plans for my customers/accounts. To perform on the highest level for my customers I work closely with channel partners and the brand clients. With my hands on mentality and my strong negotiating skills which I gained during my previous job, sales opportunities come to a fast and satisfying closure.

Nena Hannemann, Inside Sales Rep. BerlinNena Hannemann, Inside Sales Rep. Berlin

Nena Hannemann is 27 years old and works as an Inside Sales Representative at HPE since May 2018. The last 4 years Nena worked in sales as an account executive at Groupon, that time prepared her perfectly for the new opportunity at HPE. Be welcome to connect with Nena Hannemann on LinkedIn










Julian Klug

It has been a year and 5 months since I’ve started as an Inside Sales Account Manager at HPE covering the SMB market in southern Germany and it’s been a blast! Back in the day I started in the Inside Sales HUB in Prague. After onboarding I quickly learned how to run my daily tasks and drive my business. In my opinion the most critical success factor is to get to know your partners and customers as fast as possible. If you manage to prove yourself as a person of trust in your business surroundings it will make the job much easier. Additionally in our great community, colleagues are not only working companions but in many cases true friendship evolves.                       

Onboarding Day  with JulianOnboarding Day with Julian

After managing and winning smaller deals I grew more and more into my role. Handling difficult customer situations, creating diverse solutions and managing your own knowledge on HPE’s vast portfolio are only some bullet points that are still on my long list where to put my focus on.

In May 2018 management decided to exclude the German ISR team from our Prague HUB and they created a new HUB in Berlin, Germany, as the German market is still growing very fast and we needed additional human resources. Ever since the move I enriched my role as an ISR from handling only my business to helping and coaching new colleagues in order to share my own knowledge and best practice. Berlin is a great place and I loved to be part of the great opportunity that HPE offered for us to build up a new HUB. Next week there will be our very own HPE summer camp which everyone is looking forward to. We expect talks about technology, new business opportunities and teambuilding activities combined with food and drinks. Hell yeah!

Julian Klug, Inside Sales Rep. BerlinJulian Klug, Inside Sales Rep. Berlin

Julian Klug is 26 years old and works as an Inside Sales Representative at HPE since April 2017. After graduating in Business Psychology with a master’s degree he decided to move to Prague to start his very first job. He has been working for HPE only ever since.











There are a lot of extra benefits that HPE grants for their employees which makes it very fun and diversified to work for the team. I’m looking forward to the time to come and what will be next! 

About the Author

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Ann-Sophie Maucher is a Dual-Study intern @HPE  studying Information Systems at the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW).  The dual-study program is three years.  While in the program,  she splits her time 50% between University studies and working on internship assignments at HPE and our Alliance Partners.  She will graduate with a Bachelors Degree upon completion of the program.

Ann-Sophie joined the @HPE Young Employee Network (YEN) in February 2017.  She was appointed chair of the YEN Boeblingen group in September 2017.

Stay connected to Ann-Sophie on Linkedin and to learn more about HPE Dual-Study Program click here.

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