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As I am originally from Lower Silesia region – selecting Wroclaw University of Economics was the natural first choice for me. I decided to study at the Faculty of Finance and Banking as I was always good with numbers and analytical thinking. Throughout my student life, I had opportunities to take part in trainings and events organized by banks and consulting companies that enhanced my standard university curriculum. After passing my final exams, I decided to move to Warsaw to work for one of the largest investment funds at that time in Poland and gain the MBA degree at Warsaw University of Technology.

The year after, I moved back to Wroclaw and took on an external audit role in one of the big 4 Companies - KPMG. In this position, I had the opportunity to perform audit activities in companies from different sectors such as manufacturing, sales, construction.  I was also responsible for preparing financial statements and auditing reports. After two years of intensive work on audit projects, I decided to change my employer and moved to a bank where I became a Senior Credit Risk Analyst. At this position, I could profit from my audit experience, especially when it comes to assessing risk of the largest companies in the region and evaluating their financial condition. In addition, I could develop my supervisor skills by mentoring junior colleagues, delivering trainings on financial analysis and accounting standards.

After almost 5 years in this position, I decided to join one of the largest IT companies at that time - Hewlett Packard and its Financial Center of Excellence where I joined in the role of Senior Financial Analyst responsible for supporting business in decision making process by providing financial information and insights of one of the most important HP units. Moreover, I was involved in forecast preparation and budget planning activities for EMEA region. Additionally, I was taking part in international level projects aiming at improving existing financial processes.

Till now, during my professional career, I worked for an investment fund, for a bank, for one of the Big 4 companies and finally in one of the most known IT companies. Throughout those years, I had an opportunity to switch between different roles in Finance, every time richer of the experience gained and able to build on in my next assignment.

Now, with my new role with HPE Software, I will have the unique opportunity to witness how two companies of different origins and cultures - HPE Software and Micro Focus will merge and what the final result when it comes to finance will be. Was it a question of luck? Maybe, but most probably, I can benefit from the opportunities Wroclaw proposes to me and my peers who, similarly to me, they decided to continue to grow in Finance.

Do you still have doubts? Just come and try!

About the author

Pawel Propiela, Senior Financial Expert at HPE PolandPawel Propiela, Senior Financial Expert at HPE Poland

Paweł Popiela joined HPE in 2013 as a Senior Financial Analyst. Recently, he has moved to the Corporate Reporting Department within the new HPE Software/Microfocus organization.

In his free time, he enjoys skiing, climbing and spend time with his family.

Stay connected with Pawel via LinkedIn and to learn more about opportunities at HPE Poland, explore: #HPECareers.




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