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                      Kalina Haneva, Vyara Bozhova, Mariya Terziyska, Alexandra Nakova, Marina GeorgievaKalina Haneva, Vyara Bozhova, Mariya Terziyska, Alexandra Nakova, Marina Georgieva


At Hewlett Packard Enterprise we believe that the efforts paid to develop and support women in the organization give the company a competitive advantage and assure the full pool of talents is being taken care of. Just in time for the International Women’s Day, HPE Women at Work Bulgaria hosted the Female Talent Event for a fourth consecutive year.

This is forum and an opportunity to recognize female top talents for their performance, proactivity and dedication. The structure, topics and dynamics of the event are tailored to give all participants the tools and inspiration to build their careers and strengthen their personal lives.

Women at Work Bulgaria Management boardWomen at Work Bulgaria Management boardThis year the topic was Thrive into the Future. The forthcoming trends are a widely discussed topic and the intent was to depict the future of business, technology, the workplace and skills.

The purpose of the first day was to draw the big picture, the global and corporate trends. The talks of the first day built on to demonstrate that technology will be embedded in all aspects of our lives and everything will be connected. The guest speakers made a link between what has changed over the years in the work environment and a view of the future from a personal development perspective. One of the highlights of the day was a brief insight into what AI will mean for us in the coming years.

Iravan Hira, Country Managing Director and Sales Office Lead, HPEIravan Hira, Country Managing Director and Sales Office Lead, HPE

The second day was more about the personal side of these changes, the impact they will have on us and the next generation leaders. An important stream of the event was to get more insights about the skills and expertise we will need in the future in order to fit and be compatible on the market. Humans possess a lot of skills, such as creativity and empathy, which technology will not be able to digitalize, and these are the ones we need to work on. 

Zornitsa Iankova, European Economic Area People Relations & Compliance Lead, HPEZornitsa Iankova, European Economic Area People Relations & Compliance Lead, HPE

And because of the importance of creativity which will give us advantage over the machines, the two days concluded with a music workshop. Everyone was invited to play a musical instrument and together the ladies created several melodies and a lot of positive vibes.

The guest speakers of the Female Talent Event 2018 were the leaders of several companies in Bulgaria and partners of HPE – Siemens, Sopharma Trading, BMW, Imagga, Aurubis, SAP, Experian and Key Success Indicators.

 Here is some of the feedback received which shows the real value of the event:

 “The event showed me a new point of view for existing career paths, motivated me to develop more, to search more and to be enthusiastic about new experience and knowledge. I feel inspired.”

“The honesty of the speakers and the organisers. The personal examples and the story narrative. It really helped build trust and find meaning quickly. The content was very inspiring and brilliant in and of itself, and the friendly atmosphere which promoted dialogue was great.”

“Very positive guest speakers, open and inspiring. Great time invested. I feel privileged to be part of this event! Thank you!”

“Embracing the difference I am always open to new ideas, views hear new people, hear and learn from stories. I am a believer that if you are curious, adaptable, use your imagination and develop growth mindset if you follow the ethics and trust your intuition there is a place for you in this future world.”

Al Participants at the Women at Work Bulgaria Talent EventAl Participants at the Women at Work Bulgaria Talent Event

About the author:

Elena Vassileva, Communication Chair of Women at Work Bulgaria.Elena Vassileva, Communication Chair of Women at Work Bulgaria.
Elena Vassileva is Remote Account Delivery Manager with Hewlett Packard Enterprise.  She is the Communication chair for HPE Women at Work (WAW) Bulgaria, an HPE employee resource group. 

Elena is also a self-driven individual with experience with end customers, process management and vast business acumen. She is a proven team player with a background in leading teams to delivery services and for a number of social and team oriented activities. 

Stay connected to Elena via LinkedIn  and if you are interested in learning more about HPE Careers, explore all your future possibilities here




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