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Working for a global company has many advantages.  You get the opportunity to work with people from throughout the globe and learn about their culture.  One of the most meaningful parts of working for Hewlett Packard Enterprise is being a part of a culture where “giving” and “making a difference” in our communities is celebrated and recognized. HPE employees in Scotland making a differenceHPE employees in Scotland making a difference

This month, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) held our first annual Global Day of Service.  The impact of my co-worker's abilities to make a positive difference in the world and their local communities makes me proud to work for a company that focuses on and celebrates positive actions.

HPE employees helping out at a dog shelterHPE employees helping out at a dog shelter

The scope of projects was varied and included feeding the hungry; cleaning up gardens, beaches and nature preserves; mentoring; science fairs; visiting military veterans at Veteran Centers and hospitals as part of the Home of the Brave Campaign; helping out at animal shelters; assembling science activity kits for underserved students; holding celebrations for seniors, the disabled and veterans; creating buttons and pins for women suffering from cancer; upgrading courtyards at local historical sites; supporting charities like Alzheimer Scotland and encouraging visitors at a local shopping center to upload the Purple Alert UK app; holding a cookie class @ the Children are US Foundation; Supporting a Charity Bazaar and donations for Autism child care; supporting the Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity; assisting “at risk” children with homework; stocking food pantries; remodeling schools; creating memory boxes for Alzheimer patients; blood and stem cell donations; raising money for childhood cancer; participating in charity run for childhood cancer research; making bracelets and selling them for a donation to charity; helping libraries collect and organize books; holding computer classes; helping out at local shelters; used book collections; helping burn survivors with rehabilitation; Habitat for Humanity; creating care kits for the homeless and more.

HPE employees painting an outdoor area at a Children's HospitalHPE employees painting an outdoor area at a Children's Hospital

Some of my favorite employee quotes from the day included:

  • “Being with kids makes you a kid.”
  • “Joining this meaningful event helped our employees understand the importance of conservation and sustainable living and how to protect our oceans by reducing the use of plastics through this experience. Your efforts have tipped our scales to success.”
  • “It was an amazing experience to share time with migrants and hear their stories. It requires a lot of courage to leave all you know behind, country and family, to seek better opportunities.”
  • “Everyone who volunteered had a lot of fun and is excited to participate again next year!”
  • “Our volunteers have become painters and gardeners for a day in an effort to transform the outdoor area into a joyful place where the children can enjoy their leisure time.”
  • “Global Day of Service was such a great and enriching experience for us.”
  • “It was a fantastic day and with no doubt, everyone was very happy to help this institution and people.”

HPE employees in Mexico helping out at a children's shelter in GuadalajaraHPE employees in Mexico helping out at a children's shelter in Guadalajara

Working together we were able to make a difference in schools, our communities, for children, the homeless, animals, health, the environment….so proud of each of our employees for the great work done to make this world a better place.

HPE employees in Vietnam helping out a food shelter as part of the Global Day of ServiceHPE employees in Vietnam helping out a food shelter as part of the Global Day of Service

HPE Gives is our global volunteering and giving program.  HPE Gives matches our employees’ donations of time, money – or both to a growing array of charities.  In addition, our Community Impact Grants (CIG) program enables our employees to nominate cash grants funded by the HPE Foundation to qualified charities throughout the year.

Together, we can change the world.

Learn more about our culture by exploring careers at HPE and join us! 

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Terrific coverage of an amazing day. Being part of Rise Against Hunger and seeing all these efforts across the world really underscores how HPE is leading in making the world a better place for our customers and partners to live and work. Employees from all career roles banded together to make a HUGE impact. I have never been prouder to be an HPE employee.