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How do you make career decisions? Spontaneously or weighing all the pros and cons?

When Richard Branson was unable to get tickets from Virgin Islands to Puerto Rico, he made an unusual decision – rented a plane for 2000$, split the sum to the quantity of the passengers, rented an announcement board and wrote “Virgin Airways. One-way ticket to Puerto Rico for 39$”.

By this extraordinary deed he not only managed to sell all the tickets and get to Puerto Rico, but also make the first step to found new branch of business - the Virgin airlines.

IMG_0685.jpgSometimes it is worth thinking out of the box to help your career get to the next level. Most of the graduates tend to start their career at home while others search for job opportunities abroad.

I would call them “career globetrotters”, thirsty not only for professional development but also for travelling. In many ways their strategy proves effective in terms of both professional and personal growth.

First of all, moving abroad is a unique chance to gain new experience and find the path to the perfect work-life balance.

Are you dreaming of having breakfast on the Eiffel Tower or walking around Colosseum or living in one of the most beautiful world capitals, right in the center of Europe – the city of Prague?




At Aruba, we are much more than leaders in Wi-Fi technology! Here is where top athletes in every field are advancing the future of mobile and digital. At our core is a Customer First, Customer Last philosophy and we want you to be part of what we do and what we achieve. Take that step and start your career in Prague!

Here are two positions to get you started:


Luckily Prague is growing into an international hub with more and more global companies setting there branches here.

Also, starting your career abroad contributes significantly to your personal growth. It has been estimated that taken out of comfort zone people are able to achieve more.

Due to acquiring new knowledge people boost their skills and start to perform more effectively in professional and personal field.

Let alone your communicational skills, as moving to another country you are bound to work in a multi-cultural environment, meeting colleagues from different countries. For example, from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, Czech Republic, … as in our office.




To sum up, non-evident steps like renting a plane))) or becoming a professional globetrotter may become the game-changers in your life! So, why not to give it a shot?    

About the Author:

Sergei Moiseev, Aruba Inside Sales Manager, DACHSergei Moiseev, Aruba Inside Sales Manager, DACHSergei's professional experience and expertise lies on direct and indirect sales management for On-Premise, Public, Private and HybridCloud portfolios. He also holds many years of international sales and people management experience whiche has helped him build one of Inside Sales teams in Prague.

Stay connected to Sergei via Linkedin and if you are interested in learning all the career opportunities Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company has to offer, visit #ArubaCareers and join the team today! 



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