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Wednesday at Discover: What you missed


Yesterday was Day 2 at Discover 2016 for our customer attendees but was Day 4 for our Partner Ready Certification and Learning community. Our 30,000 square feet of floor space was buzzing with activity with our partners taking full advantage of free technical training and two free proctored exams to achieve new certifications.

General Session

Once again this year, our Master ASE and Synergy 100 partner community had exclusive front row seating during yesterday’s general session.

Day 2 of Hewlett Packard Enterprise Discover 2016 Las Vegas began with ground-breaking news about the Internet of Things (IoT). HPE unveiled the HPE Edgeline IoT Systems, the industry’s first converged systems for IoT.

Speaking of HPE Edgeline IoT Systems, KC Choi was a special guest speaker at our Master ASE VIP reception.


 We had over 120 Master ASEs in attendance to hear KC take a deeper looking into IoT. KC also thanked our Master ASEs for their contribution to HPE and our customers. He also answered technical questions from our community.


In addition to KC, Sylvain Filippi, CTO of DS Virgin / Formula E racing, presents a fascinating story on his journey to electric car racing and how fast the battery technology is changing. Within three years, Virgin Formula E racing expects to have a car that can run the entire race instead of the current two cars.



After a great evening of interacting with fellow Master ASEs, we gave everyone an HPE branded polo shirt and Virgin Racing cap before sending them out for their next evening event.

Our test center was incredibly busy today with many people achieving new certifications or updating old ones. Here, Tech Data’s Dominic Santo achieved TWO new Master ASE certifications. He did cartwheels into our lounge to celebrate.


 Many students spent what time they could studying for exams. Here are some people catching up on OneView 3.0 before heading over to the testing center.



Lastly, we had the pleasure of interviewing many of our HPE partners. They all have excellent stories to tell and we are looking forward to getting this out to you to watch.


If you haven’t already dropped by the lounge to say hi, make sure you visit us today. We are located on level 1 in Casanova 601 and open from 8am to 3pm.




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Scott Grizzle

I became a Master ASE during discover. I didn't get the hat and they were out of my shirt size, is there a way to order shirts?