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What does it take to build a successful career in Tech?



I attended a tech talk the other day – it was titled “Big data and Machine Learning” and included discussions around why these are the top skills in demand in the digital era. In the Q&A session which followed, the audience came up with a range of questions about the means of acquiring these skills in order to enhance their skill sets and land their next big gig. But what do you really need to make a successful career or get that job you’ve always wanted?

Quite honestly, while it may differ between job positions, and while your technical skills may get you through the first screen, it is your soft skills that will eventually bring you to the finish line.

Picture this– there are probably a hundred doctors (with the same skill and degree) in your vicinity. But when it comes to choosing a doctor for a clinic visit, which one would you go to – the one that is welcoming and always ready to understand your needs or the one that sees you as just another patient in his endless list of visitors. The former, right? Similarly, a hiring manager would certainly do a first screen for the technical skills needed in the job, but after that the focus would pretty much be on the whether or not a candidate fits into the company’s work culture.  In times like these, a candidate’s communication skills, ability to present, solve problems and adapt to the work culture are what would give them an edge over the rest.

Here is a list of skills you should consider developing in addition to your technical expertise –

1. Communication and Collaboration -  A successful business fosters an environment where open communication and collaboration is welcome. As an example, most companies today are moving towards and open desk culture as opposed to personal cabins or cubes. This makes teams more accessible and leads to increased collaboration between them. One must make optimum use of this changing culture to collaborate, communicate and make connections for life. Not only will it help you build relationships, it will also prove beneficial in forming a network of professionals in your field of expertise.

2. Presentation Skills - Presentation skills are a form of communication skills and a very important one at that. To communicate effectively, you need to know how to articulate your thoughts and present them effectively. When you deliver an effective presentation, your audience instantaneously recognizes you as a subject matter expert.

 3. Willingness to learn and grow - In the present day and age, technology is always evolving. It is critically important to stay informed of latest trends in the tech industry and keep up with the changing environment. This in turn helps sharpen technical skills which ultimately helps you grow in your long-term career. It also helps you stay in the game and avoid getting complacent with your achievements. Somewhere down the line, the desire to learn and grow from your mistakes also keeps your attitude in check and keeps you humble. 

 4. Creative thinking - Creative thinking, which is a part of critical thinking, is the process of breaking stereotypes and thinking outside the box to overcome or solve day to day challenges in the lives of employees. This is perhaps one of the most important skills young employees bring to the company and should not be overlooked. Creative thinkers are open minded and knowledgeable people who are not afraid to take calculated risks.

Does this mean your core technical values must take a step back? Absolutely not! As mentioned before, they are equally as important. It is of course of utmost importance to be skilled with the required technical skills and then apply for that job you want. But also, it is equally important to communicate, network and think outside the box to be successful in that job for the long term.

Working at HPE has given me a plethora of opportunities to learn and grow within my role in the past two years, and I hope to carry this invaluable experience forward with me in the future. 

About the author:

Anisha Teckchandani, Technical Marketing Engineer at Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise companyAnisha Teckchandani, Technical Marketing Engineer at Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise companyAnisha is a Technical Marketing Engineer at Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company. In her current role, she specializes in the WLAN product line and engineers the means to promote Aruba’s technology. She is passionate about all things wireless. 

Stay connected to Anisha via LinkedIn and to learn more about Aruba Career opportunities in Marketing, visit our career page.





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