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Workshop in a box: A ready-made creators’ workshop to inspire creative thinking



Yes! Really. The PDF linked below provides everything you need to host an engaging and turnkey workshop for your teams and partners. 

This creative exercise was originally an interactive, two-hour masterclass session at HPE’s Discover Las Vegas conference. About 50 people attended, including influencers, marketing executives, and content creators. We’ve adapted the materials in this kit for use with groups of eight or more, ideally – including a host’s guidebook, tips, and printable worksheets for workshop participants.

Why host a workshop for content creators?

To breathe new life into your ideas and unleash creative potential.

It worked for us. We found that attendees formed new connections and had conversations that sparked new ideas and content innovation. The participants left with immediate and long-term plans to creatively apply their knowledge and expertise, and identified new ways to work with colleagues following the experience. They generated story ideas and explored new ways to create content through social media, video, and other creator apps.

We hope that you find this kit an inspiring, useful resource for your team, too!


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My work with HPE's Enterprise.nxt team gives me a way to share my passion for emerging technology. I love connecting people to innovation, and sharing stories that help others engage with and understand the world around them. I'm a digital nomad, often found traveling with my micro companion KC, a 10-pound mini Dachshund.