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iT1 Source: Why HPE Sales Certifications matter to this Platinum partner

Learn why this HPE Partner earned 3x more sales certifications than they were required.

iT1 Source values HPE CertificationsiT1 Source values HPE Certifications


In FY16, iT1 Source, an HPE Platinum Partner achieved 26 HPE Sales Certifications, rather than the required 8. Why would that be?

iT1 Source used the HPE Sales Certification to help their team focus on solutions and not just products.


With the new program, you’re selling business outcomes. It simplifies everything. You’re not so much in the weeds about the benefits of this server over that server. Rather, it empowers sales people to discover and address customers’ business needs.– Andrew Balzarini, director of marketing and partner programs, iT1 Source


iT1 focused on achieving three goals:

  1. Enhance their ability to discover and address customer business challenges and goals
  2. Build solution selling skills and enhance their perception as a trusted long-term advisor to customers
  3. Increase sales and profitability through consultative selling

Ongoing staff education is a cornerstone of their success. Read the iT1 Source Success Story to learn more about why they value HPE Sales Certifications.


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