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"De HP et HPE vitae" or how to make the perfect fabric!

It’s all about warp and weft, the main ingredients of a perfect fabric. The warp defines the structure, the order, and the rules…while the weft builds the harmony on top of the rules, by creating drawings and fantasies.

When choosing a company to work for we decide the framework to weave our fabric.

Meet Anna Maria Levato, Solution Architect, HPE Communications and Media SolutionsMeet Anna Maria Levato, Solution Architect, HPE Communications and Media SolutionsI joined HP in 2001. It was a hectic period with people changing jobs almost every year. That was true even for me, HP was my 4th employer in 4 years and attending my “HP Onboarding” class I was really surprised by the number of speakers who were with HP for more than 15 years. I was really curious to discover why there were so many veterans in HP and what convinced them to stay for so long with the company.

At that time, I was looking for a customer-facing job, a mix of presales and delivery activities, plenty of opportunities to express my creativity and innovative attitude. I was skeptical to find it all in the same company and thought that my professional life would have been completely different from all the HP veterans who were speaking to us.

Now, 19 years later, I’m taking this blog as a good opportunity to share with you what changed my mind and supported my professional growth. We spend so much time at work that we cannot consider the office or the company we work just as a physical place. The work context, the people we deal with, the value we deliver are all going beyond a simple physical place (the office, the customer site,…) and are shaping our development not just professionally but even personally. At HPE I found exactly that: a “place for the spirit”, as we say in Italy. A place where the entire organization works with an extreme focus on the customer and each team member is enabled to contribute and to receive back many learning and growth opportunities.

A place where I nurtured my mind interacting with other passionate and lively-minded people, where kindness and respect are the main secrets for every successful activity. A place where each of us can share his perspective being listened and valued regardless of his job level or position. A place where interesting discussions about music, social responsibility, technology, sports, cinema often continue after work creating the ideal humus for our personal and professional growth. 


HPE is the place where our life’s’ disruptive events find warmth, kindness, and support, just like in a family. It is the place where the value of technical and professional competences is continuously enriched by our own personal daily life experiences. Motherhood is an overwhelming but also wonderful event; when my children were born (now they are both teenagers!), “HPE like a family” materialized in so many kind signs and demonstrations that motivated me a lot and provided the right support to manage at same time work and family commitments.

And even more, when a few years later I was forced by external events to take a break, my colleagues support allowed me to fully focus my energy on what was my priority and, once fixed it, I was able to restart my career from where I left, stronger and grateful for these great teammates. Looking back at my career, I can see how many opportunities I got to test and materialize my creativity. I really love to taste the complexity of new challenges, the ability to learn from my mistakes to finally get along with the team to solve my clients' problems.  

Before joining HPE, in my previous jobs, I often felt I was missing something: the feeling to be a key contributor, to “own” what I was working on. I was eager to show how my ideas and knowhow could contribute to the final outcome.

At HPE I have been always free to express myself, develop my ideas, and turn them into deliverables. I like to challenge and physically squeeze myself, as long as it allows me to accelerate the team path towards the final solution.

HPE Communications and Media Solutions Kick-offHPE Communications and Media Solutions Kick-offIn 2008 HPE started Communications and Media Solutions (CMS), an industry vertical business unit focused on Telco and Media. Since day 1 I was assigned to CMS as a Solution Architect for call archiving and lawful interception projects to support the Italian Department of Justice. We deployed solutions that were used to save human lives and to rescue people in case of kidnapping or missing, using location tracking and positioning data.  

Since then, in CMS I had the chance to work also on other Big Data and Business Support Systems projects, and I have always had the chance to be exposed to different sources of professional growth, including relationships with end-users, functional analysis, and the right mix of technologies.

I worked hard to deliver as much value as possible to our customers. Skills development and team working helped me to develop the “X Factor”, where X means both “Across” and “Multiply”: joining forces and knowledge amplifies team effectiveness and ability to use HPE people and technology to generate tangible value for customers.

The Safe2Web initiative provided training to students, teachers and parents, on online bullying, sexting and grooming.The Safe2Web initiative provided training to students, teachers and parents, on online bullying, sexting and grooming.A key aspect of my personality is the attention to Social Responsibility. I have been happy to see such values as part of the HPE culture. HPE always works to give back to our communities, promoting a number of initiatives about social and environmental impact. This value is measurable through attention towards a circular economy, conscious development, and volunteering. Personally, I have been contributing to many social innovation activities promoted by HPE like Microcredit, CoderDojo, Charity, Global Day of Service, etc.

But my preferred way to give back to my community is to keep conferences about cyberbullying, sexting, grooming, privacy, and online data protection to teachers, young students, and their parents from local schools.

So you can see the perfect match I found in HPE with my own attitude, personality, development goals, and the opportunities I had to work in a positive environment, with great teammates. That’s why next year I will be proud to celebrate 20 years in the company.


PS: The Blog title is a tribute to my father as he used to teach me life through classics reading.

Anna Maria.jpgAnna Maria graduated with distinction in Computer Science at Bari University in Italy at only 23 years old. She started immediately working as a database administrator for many multinational companies. In 2001 she started her carrier in HP Consulting & Integration as a solution architect in data warehouse and reporting systems. Since 2008 she focused on the business support system for the Telco industry. For the last 5 years, she has been engaged in Telco Revenue Protection projects with a particular focus on Fraud Management Systems receiving many appreciations from the customers. You can connect with her on LinkedIn here

 If you are interested in exploring careers within our CMS group, click here.

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