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Exploring the future of engineering at Ansys Simulation World 2021

Extreme HPC performance has launched the future of engineering productivity. Register now to join HPE and AMD at Ansys Simulation World 2021 to learn more.


Manufacturers face rising challenges to remain competitive in an industry that is changing constantly. Companies that invest in innovation will be better positioned to achieve new levels of productivity and leadership in the market.

Computer-aided engineering (CAE) has transformed manufacturing with a cutting-edge approach to analysis and multiphysics simulation. CAE streamlines collaboration throughout the supply chain to speed up the testing stages of development for new and existing products. It replaces expensive time-consuming physical models with computer-generated models that improve product quality, time-to-market, and safety. These technologies are driving advancements in many manufacturing industries—including automotive, aerospace, medical devices, semiconductors, chemical production, and energy.

As the scale and scope of CAE continues to grow, high-performance computing (HPC) is playing a leading role. The race to unlock massive simulation capabilities with extreme compute performance has introduced the future of engineering productivity—the exascale era. Exascale will take engineering simulation to new levels of power and fidelity that deliver unpresented engineering insight into how products like autonomous vehicles and next-generation aircrafts will behave and perform in real world conditions.

Unleashing CAE innovation

Ansys is a leading provider of CAE applications, offering a rich application portfolio to support the entire product development process. Ansys software enables engineering and design teams to create virtual prototypes of products and systems, using mechanical, electronic, and embedded software components to test all possible physical conditions that exist in the real world. The result is a high-value CAE solution that can help reduce design cycle times, optimize development costs, and unleash a new breed of simulation technology.

At HPE and AMD, we believe manufacturers need technologies designed for exascale supercomputers to support the extreme scaling of data-intensive CAE applications from Ansys. HPC is revolutionizing product design by powering the next generation of CAE solutions, using sophisticated AI and machine learning algorithms to gain real-time and predictive insight. To make this journey, manufacturers need a reliable partner with deep HPC and manufacturing expertise. Together, HPE and AMD provide a comprehensive platform portfolio for performance-optimized Ansys applications to help you reduce costs, improve quality, productivity, and time-to-market for the greatest engineering challenges.

HPE is a leader at the cutting edge of HPC, introducing performance-optimized systems that are engineered to facilitate CAE workloads on the road to exascale. These robust solutions built on leading-edge AMD CPUs integrate compute, networking, software, storage, advisory services, and financial options—delivered on-premises, in a hybrid environment, or delivered as a service. The HPE Ansys solution for CAE allows manufacturers to scale up their HPC infrastructures easily to accommodate their most demanding and time-sensitive workloads.

Transforming engineering simulation

The Ansys Simulation World Conference returns this year to bring together the manufacturing industry and explore the transformative capabilities of engineering simulation. The live virtual event will take place for AMER/EMEA April 20–21 and APAC April 21–22.

I invite you to hear two exemplary technology leaders from HPE and AMD discuss the dawn of the exascale era, and what it means for CAE innovation. Bill Mannel, VP and GM of HPC at HPE, and Mark Papermaster, CTO and Executive VP of Technology and Engineering at AMD, will explore the latest CPUs from AMD that are breaking world records and how HPE and AMD are bringing the first exascale system to market. Don’t miss their presentation, “The Supercomputer Comes to Everyone: Leveraging Exascale Era Technology in Today’s Computing Environment.”

Pioneering the new age manufacturing

The scale and scope of engineering projects are growing at a rapid pace. More than ever, manufacturers need reliable partners with deep HPC and manufacturing expertise to meet evolving business challenges and remain a step ahead of the competition.

Ansys Simulation World is your chance to collaborate with industry experts, disruptors, and thought leaders that are pioneering a new age of manufacturing. HPE and AMD are excited to be the Diamond Sponsor of this year’s conference. Join us to discover groundbreaking CAE solutions that can transform how you operate and prepare you to harness the power of exascale. We look forward to speaking with you. To learn more about joint solutions from HPE and AMD for your Ansys workloads, please visit our virtual booth.

Joseph George
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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Joseph George is the Vice President of Compute, Industry & Strategic Alliance Marketing at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Joseph and his team develop new and innovative ways to reach customers with revolutionary compute solutions, all while engaging customers in industry and collaborating with strategic alliance partners to solve customer business challenges.

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