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HPE Hybrid HPC Early Access Program for your Hybrid HPC journey

Learn how HPE’s Hybrid HPC Early Access Program and Center of Excellence can sharpen your Hybrid HPC competitive advantage. 

Hybrid HPC-blog.pngBusinesses are under increasing pressure to accelerate digital transformation and to deliver new services through digital platforms. Business growth is good. But is your infrastructure ready to address potential challenges that may come along sooner than later?

With the HPE Hybrid High Performance Computing (HPC) solution, you can tackle digital transformation with greater speed and confidence. HPE Hybrid HPC is purpose-built to deliver a cloud-like experience to both administrators and end users. By leveraging the best in both local and cloud infrastructure, a hybrid environment like this offers the highest degree of flexibility and operational efficiency to take on the heavy workloads of today's digital economy.

Key takeaways

  1. HPE Hybrid HPC provides you choice for meet demanding workload needs.
  2. HPE is committed to your success by offering their Early Access Program (EAP).
  3. Take advantage of HPE’s strategically assembled partner ecosystem to maximize success.

Hybrid HPC cloud offers value and savings

HPC demand is growing, and companies who largely use on-premises data centers are exploring ways to control growing system costs and complexity. It can be the deal solution for a wide range of HPC workloads. It has been noted that off-premises public/private cloud and outsourced IT hardware is expected to comprise 50% of IT hardware spending in 2021.[1]

Fortunately, you have alternatives, like HPE Hybrid HPC. This solution combines or augments a traditional HPC data center with cloud-based resources. As the market leader in HPC, HPE is delivering this purpose-built portfolio of Hybrid HPC solutions to support you on your cloud journey, delivering the flexibility to meet a wide range of needs plus choices that best fit your current deployments.

How Hybrid HPC modernizes your data center

Offered on a consumption-based model, HPE Hybrid HPC is cost effective and scales efficiently. It also enables you to use both onsite data centers and private or public clouds for an optimal combination of speed, security, agility, and ROI.

With the options that come with HPE Hybrid HPC, you can modernize your data center via:

  • Colocation
  • Software-defined data center resources
  • Cloud bursting
  • Multi-cloud and edge computing solutions
  • Innovative data-driven computing workloads

With this hybrid approach to HPC, you gain the seamless ability to keep up to date with the latest technology without having to acquire and maintain it yourself. In this way, you can experiment with the latest in hardware and software (i.e. machine learning infrastructure) and test configurations risk free. Cloud components can also help enhance security and compliance by protecting highly sensitive information and workloads using multi-tenancy.

Map out your Hybrid HPC journey with HPE Centers of Excellence

Acting as a sandbox for enterprise clients, the HPE Center of Excellence (CoE) program was developed to help IT departments learn and incorporate new and developing technologies through hands-on activity. Offered through HPE partners ScaleMatrix and Advania Data Centers, the Early Access Program gives you the the opportunity to experiment and test your workloads.   
When participating the HPE CoE, you have a choice in HPE Apollo servers that incorporate Intel® HPC foundation components ensuring a balanced, high‑performance, and scalable HPC environment. Key technology components include:

  • Intel Xeon® Phi processors, providing ultra-wide vector capabilities in highly parallel computing
  • Intel OPA® switches and PCIe adapters, ideal for large-scale HPC applications or neural network training requirements
  • Intel Optane SSD®, a new technology in the data center that is extremely responsive under any load and delivers the low latency, high performance, and high endurance demanded by HPC clusters
  • Intel 3D NAND SSDs®, which provide greater storage performance with higher density and reliability than hard disk drives

Get going with the HPE Hybrid HPC Early Access Program

The purpose-built HPE HPC portfolio is available for you to try through our Early Access Program (EAP).

EAP supports HPC cloud environments, giving customers and service providers access to demos and trials, and support proof of concept pilots—really everything you need to begin your hybrid HPC journey.

With EAP, you gain access to the HPE CoE and a private cloud cluster dedicated to hybrid HPC, along with strategically assembled partners such as Ansys, UberCloud, Advania Data Centers, Red Hat, Atrio, ScaleMatrix, and others.

As part of EAP, you can deploy a starter kit, including an Apollo configuration, HPE Performance Cluster Manager, Docker EE, and HPE HPC IaaS 1.0. The starter kit can be delivered as a service using HPE container on-demand. Test drive HPE Apollo and HPE Synergy platforms to experience breakthrough performance, test massive data, ideas, and concepts at optimal speed, experience environments custom-built for HPC—and then ultimately migrate from testing environments to production with ease.

To get started with EAP for HPE Hybrid HPC, please contact us at, and our experts will get back to you.

[1] Source: IDC, Worldwide Cloud IT Infrastructure Hardware Spending Forecast, 2017–2021, #US43565317

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