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Turn your aging DDN GRIDScalers into cash while avoiding the risk of switching file systems

Is your simulation and AI data stranded in DDN GRIDScaler system that are end-of-life since last year? Are you nervous about a high-risk data migration from your current file system (IBM Spectrum Scale) to the open source file system (Lustre) that DDN is proposing? You should be. But there is good news!

HPE-parallel file system storage-blog.pngYou don’t need to switch file systems as HPE has recently expanded our parallel storage portfolio with HPE Parallel File System Storage that is generally available now.

This is the most cost-effective way for current DDN GRIDScaler users to keep their data in IBM Spectrum Scale while upgrading from Version 4 to Version 5 of IBM Spectrum Scale in Erasure Code Edition that runs on cost-effective HPE ProLiant DL325 Gen10 Plus rack servers.

There’s even better news: The HPE Accelerated Migration offering from HPE Financial Services turns your EOL DDN GRIDScalers into cash. So you can create investment capacity while paying a flexible monthly fee until the end of useful production life when you switch over to your new IBM Spectrum Scale-based parallel storage infrastructure from HPEHPE Accelerated Migration -blog.png

Any worries about risky data migration from IBM Spectrum Scale to Lustre are eliminated. Because with our approach, both the source and the target file system are IBM Spectrum Scale, enabling risk-free and transparent data movement with the native AFM (Active File Management) functionality of IBM Spectrum Scale.

DDN versus HPE way-blog.pngSustainability is built into our offer as HPE Financial Services applies Asset Upcycling once you return your DDN GRIDScalers after successful migration. In fact, more than 90% of the technology product and materials returned to our Technology Renewal Centers are reused in some way.1

The benefits of exploring our approach are many

 You can:

  • Retire your EOL DDN GRIDScalers in a sustainable and secure manner, and extract value for new investments
  • Remove risk from the data migration by keeping your data in IBM Spectrum Scale
  • Choose the most-effective way to consume IBM Spectrum Scale-based storage on cost-effective x86 rack servers

It’s easy to get started by determining the residual value of your aging DDN GRIDScalers

You just need to collect the following data:

  • Model of installed DDN GRIDScaler systems (for example, GS12K, GS14K, GS18K, GS7990 etc.)
  • Details of installed storage drives (manufacturer, product number, drive size)
  • Remaining usage term (expected timeframe for assets to be retired/refreshed)

With that information, HPE Financial Services can return an offer to you within a few days. Contact your HPE representative now to learn more!

For additional information, checkout:

1HPE Financial Services Technology Renewal Center information

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