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Occasional Advisor


Maybe I just overlooked it, but until now I am missing the report functionality in AGM...


At least "standard" agile reporting charts are a must:

*) Sprint Burn-down charts (SP, Task and ph based)

*) Release Burn-down charts including a extrapolation using the min and max team velocity and the remaining SPs (For both, fixed date and fixed scope)


Additional charts would be nice:

*) Release Burndown bar charts (For both, fixed date and fixed scope)

*) Release Burnup Charts

*) ...

Frequent Advisor

Re: Reporting?

Hi Steve,


You can find gallery full of graphs inside the dashboard tab (Click the Add Widget button).


There are many out of the box reports for your use and you can create some new ones if you miss something...


In addition there are 3 out of the box dashboards for release manager, scrum master and developer...


Please feel free to try 




Occasional Advisor

Re: Reporting?

OK, so the point is then - I don't have a Dashboard tab in my AGM.


Where should it be?

Valued Contributor

Re: Reporting?

Go to the Home tab (on the left) this is the dashboard actually.


Thanks :-)

Occasional Advisor

Re: Reporting?

Jesus, I never pressed the "Get Started" button on the bottom of the "Home" tab and therefore I could not see the dashboard, only the tutorial videos you provide (or plan to provide soon ;-) )



Valued Contributor

Re: Reporting?

I will check, maybe we can add a Hint to that button.

That was an important feedback!

Thank you

Occasional Contributor

Re: Reporting?

This post was very helpful as I too never bothered to click on "Get Started".  Thanks.

Occasional Visitor

Re: Reporting?

Also me -- "I too never bothered to click on Get Started" -- because I never saw it in more than a month of use, it was too low to be visible in the browser window.  Have clicked on it now.