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Taskboard Auto Refresh

Frequent Advisor

Taskboard Auto Refresh

Need for taskboard to autorefresh to deal with situation in which many users are making updates which all users should see. Need to do this frequently enough and in a way that doesn't cause a user to lose information currently being entered, but not yet submitted. Maybe by refreshing when the user clicks any button.

Regular Advisor

Re: Taskboard Auto Refresh

Hi Lous,

Currently we have the refresh button in order to refresh the taskboard.


The use cases we for working with the taskboard are either when there is a team meeting and watching on the same screen or a user works and promotes his tasks.


We would love to hear from your experience what use case do you see that will require such an enhancement of an auto refresh?






Re: Taskboard Auto Refresh

The use case that we have is that we have a distributed agile team.

So seeing progress the tasks automatically during the day on a secondary monitor is useful.

Technically this should not be such a difficult feature to implement as you already have the refresh button (only need a timer that can be enabled/disabled that triggers that same refresh).


Regular Advisor

Re: Taskboard Auto Refresh



Thanks for sharing the use case. It indeed sounds like a very interesting one.

I will take this with our Product Management team and we will consider adding this capability in one of our future versions.