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Re: 10 Years On - The Future of Testing is Here (or is it?)


Nice idea, Michael.  Do you (or does anyone else) remember what TestDirector looked like in 1993?  What features did it have in its '1.0' release?

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Michael Cooper

Malcolm, I believe 2013 is also the 20th Anniversary of Quality Center/Test Director.  If I recall correctly, Test Director was originally released by Mercury Interactive in 1993.  Perhaps, we should have a 20th Birthday Party celebration for Quality Center where we can discuss the past and the future of testing.   




Nice idea, Michael.  Do you (or does anyone else) remember what TestDirector looked like in 1993?  What features did it have in its '1.0' release?


Malcolm is ten years older today (I want to be just like Malcolm when I'm old too) Happy Birthday. The trip down memory lane only makes me wonder if joining the circus would've been a better choice of careers 10 years ago. All kidding aside thanks for all the hours spent on making my job easier.


I don't really remember the exact release date of Test Director  it was a GUI-based interface to a centralized database 1999.





When we rolled out ALM/QC 11, Filip put together a slide deck that showed all the UIs over the years. I wonder if anyone still has those screenshots?  From memory is was grey with lots of white field boxes! :)


I'd love to see the early TestDirector UI too!  In the meantime, the earliest references I found were to TestDirector 2.0, from 1996-1997, and there is a copy of its data sheet on the Wayback Machine, with some screenshots.  That's also where the logo on the left (with the revolving star!) came from.


Remember Mercury's phone number in those days?  1-800-TEST-911!


Sreedhar Khandavilli

My Starting of Career in Applabs worked with WINRUNNER.  It had given me good path to prove my development skill with automated stuff.  Still BPT is giving immense support to Business teams to reduce maximum manual testing job. 


Introduction of Lab Management Automation to support Continuous Delivery/DevOps in ALM 11.5 is also noteworthy - an important milestone in history and showing the way in to future.



Great find Malcolm,  enjoyed that Wayback machine -- looking at the change in UI from Test Director 2.0 now fast forwarding to the user experience in HP Agile Manager reminds me of how far this industry has evolved.  Just last week I subjected my 15 year old daughter to watching Alien with me... you should have seen her face when she saw the interface to the space ship's mainframe computer-- "Mother" was a command line interface on a green screen!    Just wait for HP ALM 2020--I bet it will be holographic!

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