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Re: 6 steps to write test cases using exploratory testing methods

NaveenKumar N

Wow. Awesome Sprinter. I would like to work on Sprinter :)

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NaveenKumar N

NaveenKumar N

Wow. Awesome Sprinter. I would like to work on Sprinter :)




I’m glad to see automated tools developer such as yourself taken interest in in the creation of test cases with speed in my without quality, and detail being left behind in the wake of progress. This article wasn’t just aimed to aid manual testers as much as it was to empower the team through communications and cooperation.


The great news is if you already have ALM/Quality Center 1X.X the HP sprinter tool has already been added to your add-on page; however only ALM/quality center 11.X has the capability for exploratory testing built-in. If you are currently on ALM/quality center 11.O you still have the option of downloading HP sprinter 11.52 which I highly recommend for its functionality.


If you currently using ALM, you simply have to click on Help>Add-in’s>HP Sprinter> 11.52 Or just Click Here


If you don’t have access to ALM HP software has provide a 30 day Trial at:


Again thank you for your patronage and your kind comments








After a survey was done by HP, one of Sprinter v11.0 new features (what HP calls "mirror testing") can increase productivity by up to 80%, which is great increase.


I don't know if this is the case really, but this feature is great because allows the tester to run the same tests on multiple platforms...manual testing keeps getting better :)

Mobile App Testing

Mobile app testing is an important phrase of any development cycle .Testers should be very careful at the time of testing and writing the test cases. Write a test case is not an easy task tester need to consider so many aspects and I must say you have clearly mention all the point which is helpful .  

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