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Announcing Apps 12! Now you can balance unprecedented velocity and uncompromised quality

KellyEmo ‎03-18-2014 05:00 AM - edited ‎03-18-2014 10:15 AM

The wait is over!   The latest version of HP Application Lifecycle Management is finally ready. It's time to see that in the world of business innovation, speed matters, quality matters, and the app matters more than ever before.  The next question is, are you ready to delivery your applications faster and better than ever before?


Today, March 18th, HP Software’s Application Delivery Management team is premiering the most comprehensive release of its flagship software, Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and testing suite, since the debut of HP ALM 11 in 2011— HP Apps 12. This software was built to enable enterprises worldwide to deliver the applications that power their business faster than ever before with first-rate quality and performance and to bridge the demands of current IT. Businesses are demanding faster delivery and their customers are not providing a “hall-pass” for quality. As a result, IT and business application development and testing teams need a partner, to help guide them and automate their processes for agile, not fragile ALM.


Read the press release here to learn more about ALM 12



Application delivery management is about harnessing the value of digital innovation in ways that promote business outcomes. The key is to leverage an organization’s existing investment in software applications and combine that with the nexus of forces:  mobile, social, big data, and cloud. Then add Agile delivery processes to provide users with remarkable experiences and businesses with new channels to revenue and growth.  Today’s application circles are chanting “faster, faster”, but success only happens when speed is balanced with quality.  A fast release of a new application capability that does not have capacity or scale, behaves erratically, is difficult to engage with or introduces security vulnerabilities is a fast path to failure.  Achieving the elusive balance between velocity and quality is essential to success in today’s digital business landscape.  




HP Apps 12 brings together a host of new and enhanced capabilities designed to help organizations achieve this elusive balance.  HP’s DNA of  quality and testing is weaved into  a unified platform and set of solutions that were designed to be a catalyst for faster, agile delivery all while infusing a “flexible DNA strand” of quality at each step of the process.   Watch this short video to get the essence of the value of Apps 12.




Apps 12 unfolds a wide array of innovations


-- Harness the power of the cloud for performance testing: Take performance testing to places no performance tester has ever gone before! Testing is now global, elastic, and scaled across the widest array of application technologies.  HP cloud testing enables application development and performance testing teams using HP LoadRunner and HP Performance Center  to provision and launch performance tests with a few clicks  of the mouse.  


This capability is available:



  • For both in-house and cloud-based applications
  • From the far reaches of the globe with cloud-based virtual users
  • To prepare apps for the types of performance challenges typically experienced on Black Friday, Election Day, Olympic Games, and new product launches

 This is cloud performance testing on-demand—when and where you need it.  Want to learn more?  view this short video (60 seconds) on cloud testing for today's remarkable applications.



-- Redefine ease of use for managing the application lifecycle: This includes authoring and managing the requirements for your applications that align with business goals and link to user stories to drive agile development priorities. It also establishes the connection between requirements, development, testing and defects. HP Apps 12 provides a clean, well-lighted place—the single pane of glass – for all things ALM.  Want to see it in action?  Spend a few minutes with the latest videos on ALM and Quality Center 12.



HP ALM 12 brings a new standard to ease of use for requirements management 




-- Bring mobile to testers and testers to all things mobile: With an array of new mobile application software testing innovations  Apps 12 brings the efficiency and utility of HP Sprinter manual testing to mobile applications testing. This ability enables manual testers to quickly step through, author, annotate, upload tests to ALM, and manage defects when running tests on mobile devices.  Apps 12 also expands the footprint of mobile performance and functional test automation—both functional and performance—with an array of new capabilities that deliver mobile testing your way.  Now you have the flexibility to test on premise, with cloud-based devices, and through techniques such as proxy recording and better emulation.




-- Enable continuous testing for fast moving development teams: Enable functional and load testing to keep pace with the Agile sprint.  As teams strive to deliver faster (studies show an estimated increase in release cadence of 30x by 2020—read more here), testing must keep pace and manual processes will struggle to keep up and survive.  Apps 12 infuses HP’s functional and performance testing solutions with a high degree of automation including integration into continuous integration (build) tools to trigger tests with development activities. HP UFT 12 is a unified interface for building and managing automations of all types eliminating the effort and learning involved in using multiple tools.  Now you have the ability to capture and leverage network traffic and behavior for better automated tests.    


One main barrier to continuous testing is impediments and constraints.  How often do development and testing teams complain that they “can’t keep their schedule because required components are not available” (think constrained in production, costly third-party service or API access, or just not fully developed yet)?   This chronic “hurry up and wait” results in schedule slips and frustrated teams—but there is a solution.  HP Service Virtualization is fully integrated into HP functional and load testing is that solution, HP Service Virtualization 3.5, launched with Apps 12, ups the power of creating virtual services by also integrating the behavior of the network through pre-configured integration with Shunra Network Virtualization, soon to be HP Network Virtualization.


-- Apps 12 wrapped “for here or takeaway”:  And all of the innovations are wrapped in enhanced ways to purchase, deploy and deliver as HP software is available on premise or delivered as SaaS with a rock-solid SLA.


Apps 12 was designed with a single purpose in mind:   balance the demand for faster delivery—unprecedented velocity—with software that works and delights—uncompromised quality.  Learn more about this watershed launch here:


About the Author


Kelly has over 20 years experience with enterprise systems and software in individual contributor and manager roles across product management, business development and product marketing. A majority of my focus has been in areas directly related to applications spanning from developer environments, enterprise Java, integration middleware, SOA infrastructure, SOA Governance and now application lifecycle management. Kelly has a B.S. in Computer Science from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo and an MBA from the University of Santa Clara.

Mark Steffensen
on ‎03-18-2014 09:53 AM

ALM 12 rocks and the new Web UI is a great way to see the work being done to advance HP ALM for future generations. WAY TO GO ALM TEAM!

Onkar Narang
on ‎03-27-2014 05:39 AM

How can we improvise on more Mobile Devices  and application  engagements required .Would like to know more about ALM12 , HP Service & Network Virtulization  and Cloud Computing Softwares.

David Paschal
on ‎04-21-2014 01:25 PM

It would be really nice if we could get some sort of "light" cross-platform version of the web UI that would work on non-Windows OSes and non-IE web browsers, such as Firefox on Linux.

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