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Applications teams—join me at HP Discover to discuss and debate being Agile, not Fragile

KellyEmo ‎05-30-2013 09:31 AM - edited ‎09-18-2015 03:22 PM

Attending HP Discover?   If not, ask one more time…


Sit down with your boss, your team or whoever you need to and convince them that this event will provide the breakthrough thinking to bust through those obstacles that have been delaying or slowing down your progress to deliver faster, expand innovation and basically rock your business.  


HP Discover is not a Las Vegas "boondoggle", it’s an action and information packed journey to expand your thinking, connect with peers, push your boundaries. The week will make your head hurt, (not from libations) but from all of the critical thinking and peer-to-peer dialog about what matters to you, your team and your business.  I know because I’ve been there. 


This is my eighth HP Discover and after all of them, I’ve taken back great insights, ideas and best practices. I then bundle up all of this information share it with colleagues and we continue to discuss, analyze and pursue. At the end, my head feels like it’s going to explode with good information.



This year, I’ve decided to share the collective insights that came from working with many of you. I have collected insights via discussions with HP applications customers, my own colleagues in R&D and product management, and assessing industry trends with many of our industry analysts and thought leaders. I’ve designed a session to get you thinking about the implications of the disruptive trends in the applications space as well as some small and not-so-small steps to be ready for and take advantage of these disruptive trends.


And it starts like this…


We, collectively, in IT and line-of-business application organizations face a “trifecta” of software discontinuity that when harnessed effectively promises ever so tantalizingly to deliver innovation and competitive advantage—mobile, cloud, agile delivery.  However, (and there’s always a “however”) these discontinuities bring stubborn challenges to Applications development and testing teams. I have never seen challenges like these before, in at least my personal history of IT, (which goes back at least a quarter of a decade—yes I started my career when I was five—not really but I guess you just have to come see my session)…


It means we must re-think application development and testing. We cannot keep doing things the same old way and expect new results (Isn’t there an ancient proverb about this?). We need to adopt an Enterprise Agile approach to Lifecycle Management with relentless automation. 


What do we mean by Enterprise Agile? It’s the ability to take the velocity and empowerment that comes with Agile and make it work in the reality of an existing enterprise. HP software is pushing the envelope on this concept with much-needed tooling and best practices.  We will provide the tailwinds your apps teams’ need to embrace the trifecta and become more agile without creating acute disruption in your existing enterprise.


I’m going to talk about this at HP Discover and I want to engage you in this conversation.  Join me in a point of view session-- BB3356 - It’s agile, not fragile: HP’s point of view on application development and testing in the brave new world of mobile, cloud, and composite applications


I am speaking at 10:30 am on Wednesday, June 12th in the Murano 3203 conference room. 


I’m designing this session to provoke thought and discussion… What are the capabilities that will be, and are, proving essential to create high quality mobile apps. Remember, these apps can transform your business, organize your teams around Agile delivery all while keeping enough process and validation to ensure that speed to market doesn’t equate to poor quality. We will also look at how to keep delays and unavailable application components from negating all the benefits of moving to Agile for velocity or cloud for elasticity. 


This session is one-part HP point of view and two parts prescription—discussions of the practices and software capabilities that you can apply to make progress on your own organizational ability. You will be able to go mobile, release faster, increase quality with velocity and take advantage of technical innovations like service virtualization.  In this session, I will also point you to must-see demonstrations and further drill-down sessions that will take individual aspects of this discussion to the next level.


Sign up for session BB3356 today or register for HP Discover and join the conversation


Register at the HP Discover website using code DSCVRSW to save $300 on registration.


About the Author


Kelly has over 20 years experience with enterprise systems and software in individual contributor and manager roles across product management, business development and product marketing. A majority of my focus has been in areas directly related to applications spanning from developer environments, enterprise Java, integration middleware, SOA infrastructure, SOA Governance and now application lifecycle management. Kelly has a B.S. in Computer Science from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo and an MBA from the University of Santa Clara.

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