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As it been a year? A look back at the Apps for Mobile blog

Rick_Barron ‎03-20-2014 10:07 AM - edited ‎09-09-2015 10:22 AM

So it happened. One year ago today, at 10:09am, we implemented our inaugural launch of the Apps for Mobile blog site to the world. It’s been an incredible year for us. First and foremost, we have you to thank for helping us be so successful.

Since our launch we’ve provided articles covering such topics BYOD, Native vs. HTML5, we hosted our first hackathon in October of 2013 (and used this blog to provide live coverage), discussed Nathan Stubblefield, how to design killer mobile apps, and discussed events such Mobile Con and HP Discover. But I digress.

The success of our blog site would never have happened without you. Your comments and feedback [good and bad] have helped us understand the topics you find interesting and the content you’ll want to see in future postings. We’re listening and plan to deliver, so please keep those comments coming.

As our team plans for the next year, we can’t help but think back nostalgically to all of the fun we had during this past year. Below are past articles that drew a lot of interest from our audience. Again, thank you for visiting and reading our posts. We’ve only just begun.






Our first post!

We introduced ourselves to the world with our first blog post on March 21, 2013 at 10:09 am. Our firstblog post was written by Kobi Eisenberg, where he discussed what our world would be like without apps.







HTML5 in 2013

Mike Jennet, a highly respected tech industry award winner with an extensive background in technology focusing on emerging trends, shared his thoughts about 2013 was going to be the year we would  see a dramatic change in the expertise and developer’s thinking of HTML5



Flat Design


Genefa Murphy, [Director of Product Management and User Experience Mobile Social and Analytics Product Unit I HP Software], shares her thoughts on the use of flat design in mobile helps. She addresses two questions:

  1. When and where should flat design be applied?
  2. If everyone is “jumping on the flat design bandwagon” how can app designers differentiate their work?

Read the article here







 Let's Hangout

In June we started a series of various Google Hangouts discussing various topics from designing killer mobile apps, busting myths of enterprise mobile security [plus Joey, the bird], shaping the future of the workplace, hangout with the HP Anywhere team, and more. 





Designing Killer Mobile Apps


During a Google Hangout John Jeremiah was joined by Mike Jennet from HP IT, Oded Klimer HP SW UX design lead, and Kobi Eisenberg from the HP Anywhere team.   We explored the elements of mobile design and key considerations about how designing for mobile is inherently different. Watch the hangout below:





















According to a new Gartner report, BYOD is very widespread, and it will only get more popular. Rick Barron share his thoughts regarding the report that predicts that by 2017…just about three years away…half of all employers will require employees to supply their own device for work purposes. 


Read the article here












Our first Hackathon!


We held our first ever HP Anywhere Hackathon in San Francisco. The talent we came across during the event was impressive. There were 13 teams in total, each of which blew us away with their creativity a various ideas to solutions. The grand prize winner was, Shine! 


The challenge for the 120+ developers who attended, was how to shape the future workplace by leveraging the HP Anywhere platform to design prototype mobile apps for the workplace of the future.

It is predicted that by 2020, the idea of an employee going to the office every day will be the exception rather than the rule. This paradigm shift in the way we work is going to have enormous implications for the future of enterprise.












We win the MOBITS IT Favorite award at MobileCon



The MobITS Awards program recognizes the best mobile IT solution of the year.


This program seeks out and showcases mobile IT solutions and products that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of any company or enterprise. Many entries were submitted and the completion proved to be tough. 


As awards for various categories were being presented, we waited with high anticipation. Of course the IT Favorite Award was the last award to be presented, but well worth the wait when the judges announced us as the winners!




 It's about the user experience

In Late October, Oded Klimer launched the first UX@HP Experience conference, which was a huge success. It was a full house at the auditorium in our HP Yehud site in Israel with participants from across the entire hi-tech industry!!!







We had seven keynote lectures from leaders in UX across the industry and academic institutions talking about UX from different perspectives and sharing knowledge as well as networking.  





Launched our first quarterly HP Anywhere Newsletter

To better reach and share with those who have signed up for the HP Try Now environment, we began our quarterly publication of the HP Anywhere Newsletter. We got off to a great start with 400+ subscribers…more to come.








We launch HP Anywhere Webinars!


We launched our first HP Anywhere webinar in February, where John Jeremiah and David Moses, discussed how BYOD is no longer simply a trend in the business marketplace—it is an entrenched reality. They discussed the BYOD challenges IT faces in delivering solutions, security and user enjoyment in the business environment. 


Watch the replay here: HP Mobility – Surfing the BYOD Wave

So what is HP Anywhere all about?

You have heard about HP Anywhere and you know that this remarkable mobile app platform is revolutionizing the mobile enterprise. In this 25 minute video [well worth the time by the way], you'll hear how HP Anywhere is designed to provide a single solution to help customers develop, distribute and secure mobile apps for employees.


See the video here




Over the course of the year, more than 346,000+ readers have visited our site. So what were the most popular posts during our first year?


Top 10




Responsive Design and 4 steps to consider/Rick Barron



Who will win the Native vs HTML5 debate?/Kobi Eisenberg



Managing for BYOD-A manager’s challenge/John Jeremiah



It all started with Nathan Stubblefield/Rick Barron



Imagine how mobile is shaping the future of the workplace/John Jeremiah



Make “write once, run anywhere” a reality with mobile/John Jeremiah



That’s a wrap/John Jeremiah



HP Anywhere wins MOBIT IT Favorite Award/John Jeremiah



A great weekend of mobile hacking/Mike Jennett



Hackathton CODE FREEZE/John Jeremiah




We see the thousands of viewers over this first year, as simply the beginning of something very special – and we’re excited to have you all along for the ride. We invite you to keep coming back…we have some surprises coming your way. Thanks for all your support!

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