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Doc is getting to explore the Federal Reserve

Michael-Deady ‎08-08-2013 07:28 AM - edited ‎09-09-2015 04:22 PM

The last time I was at the Federal Reserve Bank I had great time looking at the pre-production money (I like to think of that as everyone else’s money).  They even gave me bag of money to take home (granted the money was shredded). Unfortunately, I never did have enough tape to piece it back together. They thought they were paying me to go away, but the joke is on them—I’ll be back on August 13th to talk about one of my favorite subjects, testing.  


There is nowhere better than the Federal Reserve to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both systematic and exploratory testing in today's Agile SDLC process.. This presentation is based on my two favorite blogs “Systematic versus exploratory testing a.k.a. Anakin versus Spock” and “6 steps to write test cases using exploratory testing methods”.  During my presentation I am hoping to use entertaining comparisons and unconventional anecdotes to describe the framework, processes, and resources needed to facilitate such dynamic methodologies. I will also discuss the real-world implications of these testing methods.


Which testing form is right for you?


Exploratory testing is the only effective way to test early and often without using overcomplicated automated tools or processes to generate real traceable results. In my blog, “Systematic versus exploratory testing”, I mentioned the capabilities of Sprinter and how it increases productivity and enhances the user experience. It does it in such a way that manual testing can increase your defect capture rate and hands-on application testing by well over 30 percent. All of this is accomplished while decreasing the overhead of documentation test cases, planning, and defects by 60 percent.


In the article “6 steps to write test cases using exploratory testing methods” we discuss the quickest way to get from ground zero (as far as testing is concerned) to a place where you automate not only your  regression tests, but new functionality  as well as one Sprint.  An example of the effectiveness of Sprinter in an agile environment is like having 30 minutes to run freely in the Federal Reserve while documenting every serial number of each bill you stuff in your bag—all at the same time.


In a world where the use of complicated and specialized testing automation tools seems inevitable, and  the manual test is equivalent the two dollar bill, it is nice to know that subject matter experts of an application can wield the same power and effectiveness as 100 automated scripts.


To join us at the Fed please enroll to attend the DFWMUG Monthly Meeting before  Monday, August 12th






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