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Enterprise Mobility: I want it all with no compromise

JohnJ_1 ‎05-13-2014 10:43 AM - edited ‎09-07-2015 08:59 PM

In 1989, Brian May wrote a song about someone who is young, ambitious and fighting for their goals. It starts like this:


I want it all
 I want it all
 I want it all.....and I want it now!”


He could have easily been talking about the demand that enterprise users are placing on their IT departments.


The explosive growth of mobility has caught many IT leaders off guard and many are playing catch up trying to keep up with the demands from the business to support new mobile apps designed to delight and engage customers. A shift for IT which typically doesn’t get to build these apps, they just had to support them.  IT is also scrambling to address the increasing demands from executives and front line workers to use their device of choice at work to be connected and productive everywhere.  


With every indication showing, mobility is going to keep on accelerating and fast.  According to HP internal research, by 2020 more than a trillion apps will be exchanging 58 zettabytes of digital data over 100B devices.  Source: HP Internal research.


Now, the typical IT approach to the mobility dilemma has been to make trade-offs and compromises.  For example, security, often a number one priority, meant user experience and other capabilities would have to suffer. Or costs, especially support costs, causing IT to limit the choice of devices causing the end user experience to suffer again. 


Later in the song, May offers advice:

I'm a man with a one track mind
So much to do in one lifetime (people do you hear me)
Not a man for compromise…


The approach so far has been to compromise and deliver mobility to our users without considering their expectations for the experience they desire.  No more.  It’s time to get serious and deliver a “Mobile Enterprise without Compromise” because it is possible to deliver a great user experience on the device of choice without putting enterprises at risk.

To achieve a mobile enterprise without compromise, here’s what you need to do:


  1. Start with your users. As Bryan Coapstick, HP’s director of mobile innovation, said in a blog post “wrap your systems around your users, not the other way around.” Don’t even think about putting your users in second place.
  2. Embrace a future proof, multi-platform architecture as your ‘standard’ solution for enterprise mobility. From the start, design your solutions with the goal of write once, run anywhere so that you can limit the impact of when technology changes.  Are you ready for Tizen?
  3. Embrace and incorporate effective security and manageability throughout your mobility platform. The fortress paradigm of Firewalls, moats and boarder security to protect our systems and data won’t work in the mobile world. You will want to implement security and controls at different parts of your solution. Most likely your focus will be on protecting access, apps and data, your security needs to be scalable and flexible to enable innovation.
  4. Partner and engage with your business counterparts. Too often IT is seen as the reason why it ‘can't' be done. With a “No Compromise” approach to enterprise mobility, you can engage the business and surprise them with a new style of IT delivery.
  5. Optimize your value delivery chain so that new mobile apps can be quickly designed, developed and deployed. Introduce Agile and DevOps practices to help you accelerate delivery and increase your ability to respond to the relentless change that will likely become the norm for traditional IT. (You could even consider this an experiment with what IT will be like in the future)

“I want it now!”

If you want it now, I’ve got good news. It’s possible now to create a Mobile Enterprise without Compromise. In fact, we’re helping to eliminate compromise right now.  Our approach to Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) is based on the “No Compromise” principle.


No compromise about where it runs. The cloud has fueled much of the mobile revolution and we can deliver mobility management from the HP Helion cloud or from software running in your datacenter. You can even take advantage of the HP Helion Mobility Early Access Program, where you can test and evaluate specific HP Helion Mobility features such as Trusted App Access, Cloud File Management and Essential Device Management capabilities.


Don’t compromise on who delivers your EMM solution. HP offers a full spectrum of EMM services from Device and App Management to File Sharing and App Security delivering  range of options for customers who need a high level of mobile security up to and including Federal government certification.


Don’t compromise on user experience. Delivering a rock solid user experience is at the core of our HP Anywhere mobility platform which enables customers to create and manage their future proofed enterprise mobile apps without compromise. HP Access Catalog securely delivers mobile applications and content, the right apps for the right users and on the user’s device of choice.


Today, we’re excited to announce new EMM features to manage and address security concerns on mobile devices. In many situations, it’s important to have some control over the devices without all the overhead of heavyweight MDM solutions. We deliver a simple and consolidated, right sized approach to solve EMM challenges with HP Access Catalog and the new MDM options. The HP Access Catalog and MDM can help ensure the right security policies and settings are in place on all enterprise mobile devices. In the event of a security breach or a lost device, the devices can be locked or wiped depending on the specific scenario.  Enterprises now can trigger remote installation and removal of corporate apps, further helping to control and manage your fleet of mobile devices (BYOD and others).


We know how hard it can be to keep up with the pace of change and having a trusted partner who can help you chart the course to a world of no compromise is critical.  At HP, we are continuing to work on and deliver products, solutions and services to help you achieve your mobility goals. The HP Enterprise Services team is a leader in enterprise mobility and is helping customers around the world achieve their business goals through managed mobility services.  With more than 500 clients in 135 countries and more than 570,000 mobility seats managed by our team of experts, HP Enterprise Services are positioned to help you lead the way to a mobilized enterprise, without the compromise.


If you want to learn more about enterprise mobility without compromise, you can sign up here to for an informative and interactive webinar on May 28th at 1pm EST.


Be sure to follow us on Twitter @HPAnywhere, at the Apps for Mobile Blog, and of course on Pronq

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