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HP Application Lifecycle Management: Beyond the Tool

Brian McQuillan on ‎06-24-2014 03:52 PM

Traditionally, the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tool consisted of a single-platform that managed various aspects of the application lifecycle through its entire stage of testing, defects and resolution.  Without automated processes, (development to testing to production) teams were far removed from core business needs.  Today, technology users across the globe are in demand for faster delivery of engaging applications and software functionality, while expecting high quality and excellent performance. The development of the HP ALM software was conceptualized with many of these business needs in mind as a powerful, single repository for application teams to plan, build, and accelerate delivery of reliable applications that drive innovation and enhance customer satisfaction.


Today, the information technology sector continues to evolve, adapt, and change. Application teams need to adopt the newest commercial or open-source tools.  Likewise, organizations need to find new methods to deal quickly with costs and process changes and pull together disparate information related to the application lifecycle scattered across a multitude of system requirements. ALM has continued to evolve to align with all application teams during the application development process.  Additionally, complex financing and business options such as outsourcing and global work teams have created complex challenges. Today, members of application delivery teams may be based in disparate locations anywhere in the world. This creates ongoing collaboration and traceability challenges, and the fragmentation in the development process has limited agility, predictability and change readiness.


Presently, more businesses are reliant on organizations to deliver technology that satisfies end users, drives profit, and supports the need for innovative and modern products.  The means of modernization—distributed teams, new service-oriented and composite applications, mobile platforms, and cloud-sourced data—pose new challenges.  The modern HP ALM solution provides traceability of requirements to tests, defects, code changes and built in management systems to get complete visibility and predictability into everything that is essential. Additionally, by bringing developers into the fold, the HP ALM application achieves collaboration across the entire application lifecycle and integrates with the developers' IDEs. This minimizes reporting overhead and streamlines task updates by allowing them to be made from the developers' IDE, make all ALM artifacts visible in the IDE, and enables developers to view ALM requirements, defects and test results.


To deliver innovative applications rapidly, organizations rely on greater visibility and collaboration throughout the entire application lifecycle. HP ALM is designed for teams tasked with managing the logistical complexities of delivering modern applications at the speed of business. HP ALM’s modern take on delivering applications facilitates collaboration that encourages interactive communication throughout the entire lifecycle. While it may seem this could be achieved by standardization on a common set of development tools and processes, the reality is that application delivery teams are most productive with the tools and processes they know well.  


Moving toward the future HP ALM is striving to become the most common and versatile platform that can be shared by all project stakeholders and allows individual development teams to use the tools and processes to the greatest organizational benefit.


Be sure to tweet us @HPSoftwareALM and visit with your thoughts! 

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About the Author

Brian McQuillan

Brian is a Product Marketing Manager for Application Development Management Solutions with and previously for Project and Application Portfolio Management, with extensive experience in presales and implementation roles.

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