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Helpful Tips for Building Your Mobile Testing Strategy

JohnJ_1 ‎01-19-2012 10:00 AM - edited ‎09-17-2015 03:18 PM

A guest blog by Gidi Pridor, Perfecto Mobile


"Here today, gone tomorrow" is probably the best way to characterize the pace of change in the mobile market. New smartphones and tablets (a segment which didn't even exist two years ago!) are released to the market on a weekly basis, each with a different feature set and screen size. Believe it or not, over 200 Android devices alone have been released since the beginning of 2011. As the number of OS versions, handset models, screen resolutions and network technologies continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, it's practically impossible to keep mobile apps and services up-to-date with ever-changing market trends.


To take advantage of the huge business opportunities offered by mobile applications, enterprises need to build mobile testing strategies that address the extremely fragmented and dynamic nature of the mobile market. This post outlines a number of helpful tips designed to assist enterprises to reduce the complexity of mobile application testing.


Automation is the name of the game

In the world of mobile application testing, automation is the name of the game. To ensure the quality and performance of your applications on any device, OS, network or location, rigorous functional and regression testing is required. An automated testing approach enables you to perform more comprehensive testing in less time. As development cycles become shorter and enterprises adopt agile methodologies, the need for mobile test automation becomes even more acute.  Mobile test automation streamlines the overall ALM cycle, allowing for increased coverage, continuous QA and reduced testing costs.


Clearly, there are far too many handsets, form factors and networks to create a separate test case for every variation. Accordingly, a device-agnostic approach to automated testing is instrumental in enabling enterprises to write business-oriented test scripts that can be easily ported to multiple mobile platforms.


Leverage existing software testing tools and knowledge

If your organization has an established Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) framework, a key guideline when “going mobile” is to change as little as possible in terms of ALM infrastructure and resources. After all, mobile application testing is still software testing - there is no need to "reinvent the wheel" and no need to overhaul your existing QA structure and processes.


The objective, then, is to preserve and leverage these assets by extending your existing ALM framework to support mobile testing. By managing mobile, desktop and web application testing through a single integrated ALM platform, organizations can centrally manage and track all application projects, leverage the skill sets of their teams, minimize learning curves and ensure consistent workflows and processes.


Simplify access to a diversity of REAL mobile devices

To ensure application compatibility on the platforms that matter to your users, best practices indicate that you'll need access to 30-40 fully functional devices at any given moment, and you'll have to replace approximately 10 of these devices each quarter to stay up to date. Procurement, setup and maintenance of these devices can easily turn into a logistical nightmare, especially if you are working offshore. Cloud-based access to real mobile devices located in live networks eliminates the hassles and costs of procuring and managing cool new devices (i.e., shipments, network availability, active plans, SIMs, etc.) as soon as they become available. It also enables you to replace or add a particular device almost instantly in response to market needs. Lastly, a cloud-based approach enhances collaboration and improves troubleshooting among globally distributed teams, enabling real-time device sharing and easy replication of hard-to-fix issues.



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