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How to troubleshoot the RUM Server Collector data flow

Amichai-Ungar ‎07-15-2014 10:25 AM - edited ‎06-09-2015 02:31 PM

Are you looking to make it easier to find your data flow? Today I outline the steps you can take to easily troubleshoot the data flow from the HP Real User Monitor (RUM) SC (Server Collector) in case you don’t see in HP Business Service Management (BSM) the data from the server you installed the SC on it.


First step: Setting the SC to transfer the data in a non-ssl transport

  • Change the default ssl to false (RUMSC\etc\rum_collector\collector.conf)


  • Restart the service




On the machine which you have network access to the SC and the monitored application, (preferably on the RUM sniffer probe machine) install wireshark.


Second step: Configuring Wireshark to connect remotely to the SC

Open Wireshark, click capture -> options. Then click the “Manage Interfaces” button.



Move to the “Remote Interfaces” tab and click on add.

Add your SC host ip and the port it is listening to the request (default is 2002) and click OK.



Uncheck all the other interfaces (so you will get traffic just from the SC).

You can set a filter for the remote interface for not seeing all the traffic on that server.

In my example, I was interested just in the data between BSM and RUM. So I set the filter to port 8180. Click start.



You should be able to see the relevant data when it happens on the server.



A couple of notes to keep in mind when using the RUM SC:

  • Be aware that when you use Tier Auto Discovery or Traffic Discovery you stop using the application filters and the SC will send the sniffer probe all the data without filters. If all the data is more than the SC capacity capabilities you might end up with SC problems.
  • You can check the SC functionality using Wireshark only if you disable the SSL in SC. With the SSL enabled (the default for communicating with the probe) you won’t be able to connect it with Wireshark.
  • If you see the relevant traffic in Wireshark but don’t see it in the reports, the problem is not in the SC. You should troubleshoot it in the regular way you would have if it was a regular sniffer, and this might be dealt in a future blog

Until the next time,


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