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In case you missed it... Agile and Mobile, new tools to help us keep pace...

KellyEmo ‎10-25-2012 03:17 PM - edited ‎09-18-2015 03:30 PM

Agile, mobile, cloud, hybrid.... agile, mobile, cloud, hybrid.. so much to think about and internalize... it can make me dizzy.  On top of that, the pace of innovation across the board is happening so fast that it's hard just to keep up with what's new and what may be able to help you and your teams address these new initiatives, develop skills or just make work more efficient.  


I don't know how often I miss things that could make my life a lot easier just because I'm so busy, I don't catch all the announcements even with my constant digital IV drip of Twitter and Facebook.   I think last week was just such a week so I decided to create a "cliff note" version of two announcements that directly address Agile teams and mobile testing and are timely but may have been missed in a very busy business cycle for technology...  competing for air time with many trade events, the World Series and presidential elections is difficult right now!



Do you have Agile teams that need fast access to a software tool that can help them with the day-to-day management of their projects -- user stories, backlog, sprint status, defects and issues, resources, velocity?   And are they looking for something they can quickly spin up on demand, that's intuitive and visual--not requiring a week to learn-- and can have immediate efficiency gains for the teams?   Last week, HP announced the availability of a public Beta of HP Agile Manager.   HP Agile Manager is SaaS based and designed for this purpose... enabling Agile teams to get to work quickly and keep their arms around all the fast-moving parts-- resources, tasks, status, and change.


To explore HP Agile Manager... join the HP Agile Manager Beta Community here.


Shifting gears a bit, another interesting announcement that snuck by me last week was the addition of Shunra Network Virtualization to HP's solutions for Mobile Performance testing.   Bottom line, I'm a heavy smart phone user.  I depend on my smart phone every day.  Yesterday, flying back from a whirlwind tour to Cincinnati, OH for a customer event, I didn't have time to print my boarding passes, but I didn't have to... I used my iPhone to check in.  And, we are coming up on Black Friday and you bet I will download my key store product locater apps to ensure I can sprint faster than the other shoppers to save that 30% on those highly desired holiday items (yes, it's the thrill of the competition).


Mobile application consumption is exploding and people interact with mobile apps differently than with traditional client-server or web applications.  It's more dynamic, sessions are held open longer, behavior just fundamentally changes.  And this can wreck havoc on performance scenarios, especially when dealing with the network.  The combination of HP LoadRunner or Performance Center with it's built in support for Mobile testing and now Shunra Network Virtualization is, in my opinion, a must have for anyone working on introducing high-volume smart phone applications (and given our society's love affair with their phone, I don't think there are any other kind...)


Here's a link to another blog that made this announcement and offers more insight to the value of the combination of Mobile performance testing and network virtualization.


Agile project management and mobile testing... two key ingredients to keeping pace ... more cliff notes to come and es, I will post about my Black Friday experiences as well...


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