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Re: In honor of the 12 days of Christmas: My 12 predictions for the IT Application space in 2012


Nice work!  I love #1 (and #4)

Nick Bell
Director of Product Marketing & Marketing
CloudForge (CollabNet Cloud Services)
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I was the Product Marketing Manager for: - HP Quality Center - HP Application Lifecycle Management - Hp Application Security Center Now I play with dev tools in the cloud (

Daniel Charlu


  I hope you and your family had a terrrific 12 days of Christmas.  I enjoyed reading your 2012 predictions. Last month a successful serial entrepreneur friend mentioned to me that the hot technologies areas to be in are So-Lo-Mo for Social, Local and Mobile (not Do-Re-Mi).  I would say amen and sing it to Cloud 9.


Wish you and yours a FANTASTIC 2012!


Stan Yanakiev

Good predictions, Kelly. I would like to comment on "#10:  Requirements will become “organic” and #11:  Agile ALM will become redundant.


Today changes in project does not impact requirements only but touch almost all aspects that were thought once constant: objectives, timeline, team and location of its members, even budget. This means that neither Agile and/or Waterfall taken in isolation can address all this fluidity. We need a holistic approach to projects that incorporates the most appropriate practices in every particular project. What do you think?

Fadi El-Eter

I would have moved #12 to #1. I think mobile is the future, and it will overtake the PC as a primary source of Internet traffic if not in 2012 then in 2013. It's amazing how the mobile traffic is growing. I am checking the traffic on one of my important websites and I can see that mobile traffic increased from a mere 1% in the beginning of 2011 to about 10% by its end.


Nice work!  I love #1 (and #4)

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