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Live from Israel—Improving install and the customer experience

Michael-Deady on ‎02-24-2014 03:04 PM

I have just returned from a whirlwind trip to Israel. I will never forget this experience or the knowledge I gained during my time there. While I was there we learned and talked about  customer experience and the install process for HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM).We started the day with a hands-on opportunity to install and configure the new ALM install package. I found that it offers improved documentation and detailed instructions for a secure configuration.


We met with the ALM Customer Oriented Scenario Testing (COST) team. The mission of this team is to enhance the product by studying how customers use the tool—and improve it to make the experience easier. If you get survey from the COST team, I highly recommend filling out. They look at this survey to identify performance, experience and reporting quality from ALM to develop best practices and benchmarking kits to help you implement the tool with the best possible outcome. They just completed bench marketing the newest version of ALM and from my perspective it looks great (more information to come). 


NOTE: If you would like to be a beta program test site for  an HP Software application feel free to  contact me, software marketing or the ALM COST team.


Designed by the user, for the user


Another program is The Design Partner Program (DPP), which allows customers to help design future versions of ALM.  If you upgrade early you could qualify to help HP design the next version (hint, hint).


While there, we also worked on trouble shooting skills and reviewing KVM to help those clients that need a special install or configuration.


The newest version of ALM offers some added user conveniences. These include:

  •  The upgrade process is now as seamless as possible
  • Clients have more choices for installation than ever before  
  • Increased the number of knowledge base documents. (These can be easily accessed for clients  with environments that need special attention because of a restriction layered on top of this type of upgrade.)


I like the attention to validation and verification process for both SQL and Oracle database in this new version. This offers a higher level of confidence for those install admins with a weak constitution, as well as offering a downloadable trouble shooting SQL statement if needed. Adding logging to an install like this can make it lengthy; however no one ever lost sleep because they had too much information about upgrade. Even with the increased logging, the install process is still easy. 


Learn what else I uncovered during my time in Israel in my other blogs in this series:





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Michael Deady is a Pr. Consultant & Solution Architect for Teksystems, center on quality, aimed at client's satisfaction, and long-term success. Perceived by clients, peers, and supervisors as a leader with the proven ability to lead development and quality assurance teams through software-development life cycle phases, to ensure quality of new products. He specializes in software development, testing, and security. He also loves science fiction movies and anything to do with Texas.

on ‎02-27-2014 12:04 AM

*Urgent*I am unable to install HP ALM 11.0 on my system.

At last it shows errro message "invalid url"and aborts installation.This is problem i m facing in recelt times only.

Can anybody please suggest on this ?

on ‎02-27-2014 05:51 AM

I'm sure if you send me this install log's I'll take look at them. you can find the log file or just look in the install guide for more information


" %temp%\ihp_custom_batches.log , %temp%\iHP.Runtime.CustomActions.HP_Application_Lifecycle_Management_Server.log"


send it to or send me the support ticket number



on ‎03-26-2014 10:23 AM

love the blog post doc.

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