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Looking through the lens of the Software Testing Professionals conference

KristinH ‎04-06-2012 02:37 PM - edited ‎09-21-2015 02:33 PM

Now, twist my arm, it was in New Orleans and during the best time of year to visit NOLA (pre-sweltering heat and before the NCAA playoffs and fans arrived), so I was happy to fly in and take my seat among the gathering testing gurus.


But, specifically, I am hired to care about finding the pain points customers are experiencing where HP Service Virtualization  can help and here are some of my key takeaways from the show - and please chime in with your own perspective especially if you disagree or if you want to add your thoughts on what hurdles need virtualizing…


Performance testing with scalability:  A large scale website provider, who knows a LOT about scale, made the repeated and emphatic point that Performance is more than speed.  Performance is part of every functional aspect of an application from stability to availability to scalability.  And while testing for all of these attributes was imperative…economy is a factor too…providing high quality performance testing cannot come at too high of a cost for the organization or it may be one of the things on the chopping block.  

è In my opinion, that is the red flag warning of a vicious cycle…if you cut performance testing it may impact the stability of an application, and impact the availability of that application during the two seconds that a customer is willing to wait for it to load…if the ad comes on TV but you can’t get on the site, you go back to your regularly scheduled programming.  Less customer revenue results in = more cuts to IT budgets and round and round we go.

è HP Service Virtualization and its integration with HP performance testing tools can give you virtualized services to test and stress to the breaking point without the need to access production systems


Performance Testing should FAIL: You *want* the system you are testing to fail, stressing the system to its breaking point allows you to gauge where and when your systems fail, and is that the acceptable point for your business?  Is your performance so good that you are wasting assets or people on incremental levels of performance that do not impact the bottom line?  Too much of a good thing?  Probably a problem that not too many testers have.  But look at other reasons a test could fail…”not getting a response from a third party service causes testers to give up testing that piece of functionality and that gets us in trouble.” 

à You want to fail but you want to fail for the right reasons, you are testing to the breaking point because you have found it….not because you gave up looking.

à Virtualized services allow you to hit virtual systems to the point of breaking without breaking the production system or accruing the cost of hitting the actual service or application. 


These were two key points from an excellent presentation, and they prompted some “a-ha’s” and some lively debate. What do you think?


And if testing virtualized services is giving you a painful headache, check back with us soon, we might have found the “aspirin” that will cure all your development pains which includes more learning opportunities and dialogue around HP Service Virtualization. 


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