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My dream functionality is now a reality with HP UFT 11.5

Michael-Deady ‎11-08-2012 06:00 AM - edited ‎09-09-2015 04:36 PM

Our HP marketing has had me under non-disclosure agreement for six long months when it comes to discussing the new HP United Functional Testing software.  

That is just not fair for nerd like me when you’re talking about something like Image-based Object Identification.  With this functionality, now you can learn an object (or images) by different states and convert it into a recognizable object within the object library.

This may sound kind of silly to a person who hasn’t had to spend days and days trying to fix an automated script, simply because a developer download a free applet from the Internet. Or it may not make sense to someone who hasn’t had to develop work-around scripts for simple application functionality—that would take a child three seconds to manually execute. Testers have avoided newer technology like the plague, knowing that the automation testing tools would not support that type of knowledge for quite some time. 


Now it is our turn. Testers can embrace new technology and scoff at automation testing tools that still rely on object identification, events and property. Image-state technology isn’t a new concept. But in the past, it’s been very unstable, unreliable and most of all, unmanageable. That why I’ve renamed this feature of Unified Functional Testing (UFT) “Image-based Intelligence”. I have chosen this name, for no other reason, than I don’t have think twice when I encounter new functionality—which also includes media.


NO analog key strokes and validation needed



My biggest issue about this feature is that now I’m using it all the time. In the past, I prided myself on my dynamic and descriptive programing ability to woo my clients into making long-term commitment. Now, any person can do what it previously took me all day to complete. They are doing it while still in record mode and with a higher success rate one-tenth of the time. In the past, I would tell people that “given enough time, I could automate any application or functionality”.


Well for some reason the HP software group has incorporated that motto into the tool, but removed the part of the statement “given enough time” and replaced it with “UFT intelligence”. In the past, every time I heard a sales person say “Record and Playback” to a client I’d smile and think of starting my own consultant company. I smile because I'm guarantee I would have this client as customer within a year of the sale. Well I’m very sad to say that UFT is the closest thing to a true “Record and Playback” that I have ever seen. In fact, that statement was echoed by several peers during its limited run in the NDA booth at HP Discovery Vegas (I know. What happens in Vegas…).


I would recommend watching the video and tell us what you think about the UFT Image-based Object Identification functionality. It is amazing what you can do with birds that are mad at swine.  The video was given to me by the Testing Team that Tested UFT 11.5 for HP (now we know what they do all day at R&D)


Keep your eyes open for the next installment on how UFT will make your life easier. There are so many enhancements that I am excited about and can’t wait to discuss with you. If you have any questions about the software, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I have been playing with the software for several months, so I have a good feeling for the software and can PROBABLY answer your questions.


I've included the link if you would like to download UFT 

(Available Dec 6th 2012)


If you like know more about UFT:







About the Author


Michael Deady is a Pr. Consultant & Solution Architect for Teksystems, center on quality, aimed at client's satisfaction, and long-term success. Perceived by clients, peers, and supervisors as a leader with the proven ability to lead development and quality assurance teams through software-development life cycle phases, to ensure quality of new products. He specializes in software development, testing, and security. He also loves science fiction movies and anything to do with Texas.

on ‎11-09-2012 09:59 AM

I wanted to add one more example of Image-based Intelligence (IBI)

on ‎11-14-2012 11:14 AM

Click, click, click...


But no audio description in either video. I have absolutely no idea what they are trying to convey.

on ‎11-14-2012 11:30 AM


Thanks for the feed back on my video I promised on my next set of video you'll narrate I just did'n't thought you didn't want to hear my voice over. With my Texason draw, I'll have to slow the video down.





hi uft
on ‎12-05-2012 04:55 PM

you said we can download uft11.5 on Dec 6th 2012. I can't find the link. why?

UmaMahesh angalakuditi
on ‎01-03-2013 05:46 AM

Thanks to UFT for the great Feature (IBI). Its very helpful and reallay a new treand in the Testing Autoamtion.

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