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New @ HP Discover - a special track for the development team

RonitSoen ‎05-22-2012 01:52 PM - edited ‎09-21-2015 02:41 PM

As I look back on the last few years, I realize that the only constant in the marketplace is the rapid change… Two years ago HP introduced the concept of ALM – Application Lifecycle Management and today it is a well-established category and methodology. Last year we focused on Agile, Mobile and Social solutions and this year Cloud and Development solutions will dominate the discussion. The market is rapidly changing and so do our solutions.


This year I'm excited that there is a whole track at HP Discover dedicated to developers and development managers. At HP we see the walls separating development teams and QA teams crumbling, and testing and development growing closer together. Agile, test driven development, context aware coding and continues integration are leading to close partnership between Dev and QA.


Following market needs HP Software has invested heavily in building the right solutions to foster collaboration between Dev and QA teams, support the development manager and to bring developers to the ALM fold to leverage the benefits of the ALM solution.


Many of today's lean, fast growing organizations are examining and streamlining internal activities to achieve greater process accuracy while working with distributed teams, multiple projects and heterogeneous technologies. Development organizations are being tasked to deliver these projects rapidly and with a higher quality. Providing entirely new capabilities to improve collaboration, traceability, change impact and risk metrics, HP offers businesses an advanced platform for business-level decision-making and increased efficiency for practitioners.


HP Application Lifecycle Intelligence, HP ALI, minimizes administrative tasks for developers: less reporting and simplified environment provisioning coupled with the unique ability to manage all their work items from and within their IDE of choice. The value of these capabilities is pure ROI; faster delivery, higher quality and more efficient use of resources. 


Development teams can gain great benefits by connecting to ALM. For example, the development team at CGI Group Inc, an HP ALM customer states: “A major improvement is for the first time a to have a managed and standard defect lifecycle. Having that as part of HP ALM improves the overall quality of the application.”

The team at CGI Group Inc, added further that “The most important benefit is having a complete managed SDLC, be able to identify risk metrics and understand and be able to analyze dependencies”. 


 Join us to hear more about how HP ALM and HP ALI allow development teams to address the complexities of modern, heterogeneous application delivery, while reducing cycle times to ultimately accelerate business innovation.


Here are a few sessions that may be an interest:


Session BB2217 Transform your application lifecycle to power innovation

Session TB2020  Your roadmap to the cloud- don’t forget to pack

Session TB2927  Mastering the application lifecycle: a live demo of the latest ITPS innovation.

Session TB2259  How to run hybrid waterfall/agile projects using HP ALM

Session TB2162  Agile, DevOps, and continuous delivery in the modern enterprise

Session TB2150  DevOps and successfully implementing HP APM

Session BB2218  HP ALI: Get your development and testing teams to stop working in the dark

Session TB2547  Trials and tribulations of setting up HP ALM using ALI

Session TB2674  DevOps: testing in a continuous delivery environment

Session TB2409  DevOps: bridging the gap between testing and operations

Session BB2929  DevOps: lab management automation testing in a continuous delivery environment

Session TB2673  Application performance lifecycle: bridging the Apps and Ops gap

Session TB2662  Develop secure software with HP ALM and Fortify



Ronit Soen

Snr. Product Marketing Manager, HP


Follow us on twitter:        #hpSoftwareALM

Join our LinkedIn group:   HP ALM LinkedIn group

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