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Part 3: HP Diagnostics 9.20 - Customize your views based on what YOU need to see!

SonjaHickey ‎06-27-2012 01:44 PM - edited ‎06-09-2015 03:43 PM



This is the third in a series of posts on HP Diagnostics 9.20, which was released several weeks ago during HP Discover.  Each post will talk about a specific new and/or enhanced feature or capability of this release of Diagnostics and how it will benefit you. 


The first and second posts talked about new features called “Java Thread State Analyzer” and “.pdf export”, respectively.  Both posts discussed the groups of people within an IT environment that will benefit from these new features and how they will benefit from them - with the general themes being increased efficiencies when performing day-to-day activities and increased collaboration both within a company’s four walls as well as with service or cloud providers. 


This post will discuss another new feature that also enhances productivity and efficiency.  In addition, it allows for greater flexibility and customization from a user experience perspective.  This new feature is called “Dashboard Creator”.



See only what you need to see, the way you want to see it …


In prior Diagnostics versions, it was possible to create a “Dashboard” or custom view by creating a new view and dragging and dropping completed views into the different sections. This capability was limited and did not allow complex, robust dashboard views to be created easily.


With version 9.20 of Diagnostics, there is now a Dashboard Creator feature which provides great flexibility in creating customized dashboards in a matter of seconds. The new dashboard creator is easy to learn and with it you can create compelling ways to see information that is of interest and importance to you. 


The dashboard can include any number of sections and you can make them any size or rectangular shape that you want.  Sections (or component types) you can bring into your customized view include charts (time series and summary), tables, topology views, images, and status. 


The Dashboard Creator  supports a variety of familiar component types that can display data from Diagnostics-monitored entities.  Stated differently, for each section or component type that you want in your customized dashboard, you can choose from the following entity types (collection of measurements):


• Application

• Business Transaction

• Host

• Layer

• Outbound Call

• Probe

• Server Request


• Synthetic Transaction



Create a custom view then launch into it based on your current context!


Many times, you want to get your information based on the context of the issue you are investigating, instead of starting from scratch.  This is an absolute possibility with the Dashboard Creator feature.


In the screenshot you see below, we have created a custom view based on a Probe.   We start from the Probes view (1) and have selected a particular probe.  By right-clicking, we selected “Open in Custom View…”, as shown here (2).  After selecting the custom view we wanted (in this case “Sample Probe View #1”)(3), we can then see it.


In this case (starting in the top left and moving clockwise), we have Probe Topology, then a multi-tabbed panel that shows the 7 slowest server requests, followed by CPU Usage, Probe Status and slowest SQL Statements (there were none in the last 5 minutes).





As you can see, the new Dashboard Creator feature allows you great flexibility in creating a dashboard that serves your particular needs.  And it helps you be efficient by allowing you to see information in your customized dashboard in the context of the problem or issue at hand.


Stay tuned for the next post, which will discuss new threshold and alerting capabilities in HP Diagnostics 9.20, which also provide great flexibility and increased efficiencies, as well as integrations with other great HP software products!


Sonja Hickey

Senior Product Marketing Manager, HP BSM and APM

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