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Quality matters now more than ever

KellyEmo ‎03-19-2014 05:00 AM - edited ‎03-19-2014 03:18 PM

We are living in an explosion of applications.   Just today, I started my day by setting my home security system and remote home appliance management software to keep my home secure and energy conscious while I was away at work.  I commuted to work by car while connecting via Bluetooth to a conference call.  While driving, I encountered an unexpected traffic delay and leveraged my built in GPS and traffic application to notify me of an accident up ahead and recommend a re-route in real time.  Before work, I purchased a coffee at the local Starbucks using my mobile application with integrated digital wallet.  I also noticed that my balance was low, so I reloaded my card via integration to my MasterCard from the Starbucks mobile application.




Before 8 am, I had engaged digitally with several businesses and managed the security and comfort of my home and morning commute.  We have become increasingly reliant and expectant that businesses will engage with us through remarkable applications that service our needs,  perform brilliantly, offer rock-solid security and deliver a remarkable user experience.  This is why they are often referred to as Systems of Engagement because for many enterprises this is how they are connected to customers.


What happens if this is not the case?  What if the application we rely on to re-route our trip or purchase our coffee “freezes” and doesn’t deliver the information needed or fails on the transaction?  What if the process of re-loading our digital wallet or searching for a local store is cumbersome, difficult to navigate or slow to respond?  The response to a poor experience is swift and debilitating to the business providing the application.


Poor application experiences are instantly and publicly rebuked.  The time and costs associated with switching applications for the user are minimal. In many cases, consumers have multiple application options and brand loyalty is only as sticky as the quality of your application—if it works today, they will use it, if it breaks, they are gone. In other cases, the collateral damage of an application quality issue can be significant, even debilitating. It results in lost customers, lost luggage and missed flights, lost identity and potentially and painfully, lost revenue.


We’ve seen a trend in the application space to focus on velocity—speed of delivery—at the expense of all else, even quality.  This is dangerous compromise because we believe that today, quality matters now more than ever.  As we look to re-engineer our application development processes for agile delivery and fast, if not continuous delivery, we also need to re-engineer for continuous quality. The good news is that the technologies and integration needed to engineer for continuous quality are a reality today.  HP is ready to help you on the path to continuous quality. 


We have a legacy of quality that extends all the way back to the famous garage and Bill Hewlett and David Packard’s innovations for test and measurement equipment. We have also been there through the IT discontinuities that formed the basis of computing and networking—mini-computers, distributed computing, Internet and web, SOA and web services, composite applications and now mobile, cloud, social and big data applications. We have been there helping customers enable quality with each evolution of application architecture, development methodology and delivery process.




Because Apps matter, Apps 12, launched on March 18th, is the next bold step in software solutions designed to empower development and testing teams to deliver business innovation with impeccable quality.  It is designed to help you achieve that elusive balance between speed and remarkable customer experience, security and performance.   It combines three key elements of success in today’s agile application delivery space: 


1)      The power of a unified ALM platform—Delivers a single pane of glass to manage all aspects of application development lifecycle management while encouraging collaboration, closing feedback loops and engaging users in the lifecycle process while allowing them to work within their tools of choice.


2)      Integrated solutions to drive relentless automation—Available across all aspects of testing, exploratory, functional, performance, security while also automating traditionally laborious, error-prone processes of lab management and cloud infrastructure provisioning to run continuous, global and large-scale performance tests. 


3)      Ready ability to remove constraints and barriers to achieving realistic performance and quality by providing powerful virtualization capability. This allows users to stand up simulated application components and services that look and act just like real services to keep development and testing moving forward even when needed components are not available. Think of a cloud API that is costly to access or a production system that is restricted due to security concerns or rarely available for dev/test access.  


And now, with the latest release of our HP Service Virtualization capability, we also eliminate the “it was the network” excuse for quality issues.  We have integrated Shunra network virtualization fully into our testing solutions and service virtualization platform, and we take the importance of the network seriously, as the number one cause of performance issues.   



HP is doubling-down on the importance of the network to quality with the announcement to acquire Shunra and make it a core aspect of our ALM and testing solution set.


Why all the investment in our core ALM, quality and testing solutions and the active expansion of our portfolio? 


We believe quality matters, now more than ever.   Quality is our legacy; it’s in our DNA and infuses everything we do in HP Software.  We are investing in ensuring that the applications being built today are the foundation of business innovation and success for the future. We enable organizations to build not only the innovation but the brand loyalty that comes from continuous, consistent quality. 


In the words of our founder, David Packard in 1972:


"Build it, test it, and fix the things that go wrong.  Repeat the process until the desired reliability is achieved. It is a feedback process and there is no other way."


Want to learn more about HP Apps 12 and our commitment to quality?

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Kelly has over 20 years experience with enterprise systems and software in individual contributor and manager roles across product management, business development and product marketing. A majority of my focus has been in areas directly related to applications spanning from developer environments, enterprise Java, integration middleware, SOA infrastructure, SOA Governance and now application lifecycle management. Kelly has a B.S. in Computer Science from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo and an MBA from the University of Santa Clara.

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