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Results from “Top 5 Testing Challenges: Mobile, Cloud, Agile, Performance, and Big Data” webinar

ToddDeCapua ‎07-11-2014 07:17 AM - edited ‎09-09-2015 04:14 PM

Results from “Top 5 Testing Challenges: Mobile, Cloud, Agile, Performance, and Big Data” webinar

We had a great webinar on July 9, 2014; recording available here. Several hundred people participated and contributed to the fact that our ability to test and deliver quality software is more complicated than ever today due to the rapid changes across many domains causing “Testing Challenges, including:

1.  Mobile

2.  Cloud

3.  Agile

4.  Performance

5. Big Data


In each of these “Testing Challenges” areas, we shared several talking points, which we took a deep dive on at least one form each challenge. In addition, we discussed the reasons why and suggested focus areas / changes needed to mitigate these challenges and increase the value of testing to the business and its customers.

Throughout the webinar, we conducted three (3) polls. 


POLLING RESULTS: [when viewing the results, know people could select as many options as they wanted, hence why it does not equal 100%]

1.  What are the top testing challenges you are facing today?

From the results below, you can see that Agile, Performance and Mobile were the Top 3 testing challenges. Would be interesting to know what the other 15% represents. We also had 100% participation in the poll.


2.  How are you virtualizing your Development, Test, and Operations environments?

From the results below, you can see a majority of participants are virtualizing their Users and Services, along with a significant representative group virtualizing their Networks and Data. Bit of a surprise that 17% have a ‘full scale production environment’ and wonder what that costs to build and maintain…not to mention the bottleneck? We also had 100% participation in the poll. 


3.  When you do not find an issue and it causes an impact, what is the typical result?

From the results below, you can see the majority sided with Negative Customer Impacts, with Negative Brand Impacts, and Negative Impact to Employee Productivity and Opportunity Cost quickly following. When people look at the value of testing, I wonder if these results are taken into consideration when making investments and other go / no-go business decisions. We also had 100% participation in the poll.



There was a very active Q&A, where we answered five (5) questions.

1.  How do Agile team adopt Service Virtualization?

2.  What type of Data Virtualization capabilities help with these 5 Testing Challenges?

3.  When do you build in Security across all 5 of these Testing Challenges?

4.  If you could just do one thing, what would it be to mitigate the most risk of these 5 Testing Challenges?

5.  How can we most easily start leveraging these capabilities and proving the value of virtualization to our organizations?



Todd DeCapua, who has deep insight into these big five testing challenges and how companies like HP are working to help address them, shares a practical step-by-step approach for testers, developers, and organizations to mitigate the risks we are all facing. 

1.  Webinar Recording: recording available here

2.  Learn More: HP Network Virtualization (

3.  Learn More: HP Service Virtualization (




Todd DeCapua

Senior Product Marketing Manager of Application Delivery Management

Go-To-Market for HP Software


Todd DeCapua leads the product marketing team responsible for HP’s Application Delivery Management portfolio, spanning Network Virtualization and Service Virtualization. Todd is a seasoned software professional with more than twenty years of experience in IT Applications Development, IT Operations, Product Marketing, and Product Management in several domains, including Mobile, Agile, Cloud, and Performance. He has earned several industry awards and is an industry recognized leader, speaker, and author.


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