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Save your mobile app from negative user reviews—monitor your user experience

drhaller ‎12-05-2013 01:39 PM - edited ‎06-09-2015 02:13 PM

By Dana Gilboa, Chief Functional Architect for APM Applications (HP Software)


There is no need to stress the importance of mobility to the business—it has become vital to business operations. Most CIOs see mobile as a revenue generator. Enterprises establish organizational mobility strategies and allocate huge budgets to mobile. Development teams are working vigorously to keep up with the increasing demand of providing more and more services as mobile applications. Unfortunately they don’t catch everything.


Mobile is a priority—for everyone


So how come revenue generating applications are getting reviews such as “A poor app gets worse” or “lots of features, but interface isn’t very intuitive. Also, quite slow and crashes a lot”?


Naturally, those applications were tested thoroughly and certified before being uploaded to the store. So how can it be that users complain about slow responsiveness, complex flows, and, god forbid – crashes?!?


It’s because the testing of mobile applications can only go so far. The mobile ecosystem is highly fragmented, and the support matrix is endless. There are dozens of device models running on different operating systems that are using several application versions simultaneously—all over various carriers with disparate network quality. (Were you able to follow that?) Simply predicting users’ profiles and building test plans that simulate user profiles just isn’t practical anymore.


Solving issues before they impact the user experience


Once you acknowledge the fact that applications are released with blind spots (we don’t always understand how they will perform) you can begin the task at hand. The first step is to ask yourself how to clear some of the fog and get visibility as to how the application actually performs on all platforms, across all carriers, all the time.  What is the user’s experience?  


One option is to analyze support calls, monitor social networks and trace store reviews. One guy who works in development said that his organization investigates abandonment.  Well, isn’t that too late…? Instead, why not monitor and understand the user experience before they are upset enough to call support, lower your rating and trash you all over the Internet? (Or simply leave you.)


Real user monitoring has never been more important. You need detect that your user has a problem before they broadcast it to the rest of the world.  In the next few blogs we will tell you what we have been working on to help you can get a handle on real user monitoring. Stay tuned!

About the Author


Dan is a subject matter expert for BSM now working in a Technical Product Marketing role. Dan began his career in R&D as a devloper, and team manger. He most recently came from the team that created and delivered engaging technical training to HP pre-sales and Partners on BSM products/solutions. Dan is the co-inventor of 6 patents.

on ‎02-20-2014 09:23 PM

This was really informative.thank you .wants to know more.

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