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The 4th service pack for HPE UFT / LeanFT 12.5 is now available. Experience the enhancements

AmirBanet ‎10-03-2016 09:26 AM - edited ‎10-11-2016 03:02 PM

LeanFT compatibility.PNG

Four months have passed since the release of our heavily packed, third service pack (SP) on top of version 12.5 of our popular functional testing software. Today we are proud to announce the release of yet another great SP for Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Unified Functional Testing (UFT) and Lean Functional Testing (LeanFT).

Because we have a major release around the corner, our main focus was around enhancing existing features rather than launching new ones in this version. In this list, I cover the most important enhancements in my eyes. For the full list, read our “what’s new” documentation.

Enhancements in Unified Functional Testing automated testing software include:

Features and Core Enhancements:

  • PJS.jpegNow you can achieve headless testing from within UFT by running your web tests on PhantomJS, which allows you faster and sometimes smarter execution.  
  • You can now drag a test object from the object Spy directly into a test and add it to the object repository
  • You no longer need administrative privileges to connect, interact or run tests stored in HPE Application Lifecycle Management (from version 12.53 p1 and higher)
  • You can now use a JKS security certificate, X509, and Kerberos as part of your web services tests
  • We improved our Web Accessibility and MS UI automation to allow a more granular and unique object identification that will make your tests more robust.

Mobile testing enhancements were done in different areas, including the native mobile browsers or the non-package hybrid applications

The Product Availability Matrix (PAM) of this release has 20! new versions of technologies and one brand new technology (JavaFX), for more details either read our PAM or our what’s new document

Business Process Testing (BPT) continues to improve by:

  • Running BPT test on mobile application
  • Being able to create a BPT cross-browsers test
  • Smarter and easier to use Test Combinations Generator


In LeanFT –HPE’s streamlined software test automation solution that integrates natively with developer environments and supports popular programming languages:

  • LeanFT now has a Tutorial that includes both basic and advanced exercises that improve the learnability curve of novice users. Add to it our new movie, the improved online help, and you have a great starting point for your knowledge ramp up.

Need more time to evaluate the product? No problem, the evaluation period is now doubled, so you have 60 days to evaluate either LeanFT or UFT.

Parallel execution on the same machine was something we announced in our third SP, but in the fourth one the following additions were made:

  • You can run mobile tests in parallel, using the same steps and frameworks you used for regular web parallel execution, so now, with one LeanFT engine&license you can have multiple mobile native applications executed on different devices.
  • Nunit3.0 is supported and can be used for parallel execution
  • You can work with TestNG (and with MSTest) directly from within ALM

Now you can achieve headless testing from within LeanFT by running your web tests on PhantomJS, which allows you faster and sometimes smarter execution

Reporting enhancements:

  • You can get the report status during run time using the reporter API
  • The VerifyImageExists step will do the verification as well as include the image in the run report
  • If you are using LeanFT with ALM or BPT, many additions have been made in the report to capture better the flow or details that occurred in each component and step

Mobile testing enhancements: In addition to parallel execution big progress, you can now:

  • Test mobile web application using the device’s native browser.
  • Extend your device lab by using Amazon Device Farm. In LeanFT just point to the lab and select the device parameters you would like to use during execution time.

JavaScript SDK main enhancements achieved by supporting: Standard Windows application, Low level (mouse/keyboard) replay, and Locating objects using Visual Relation Identification (VRI)


As always this is a cumulative service pack and as such it includes in it the previous SP versions, so if you are using older versions of UFT or QTP, simply install this release which will remove the older one as part of the installation process without harming your test assets.

Now that you know what’s new in UFT 12.54 is all about, make sure you experience it for yourself.


And if you want to learn how you can leverage your software test automation efforts and have complete quality visibility with lean, DevOps software development, check out HPE’s new ALM Octane, bringing speed, quality, and scale to your Continuous Integration and Testing practices.

To learn more about UFT, LeanFT and Functional Testing visit us at:

Go UFT; Go LeanFT


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on ‎10-10-2016 06:09 AM

@AmirBanet Thanks for keeping UFT community updated.

Just wanted to check approx when is the next major release expected ?

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