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The “Brave New World” of IT and service virtualization

HPE-SW-Guest ‎10-29-2013 09:48 AM - edited ‎09-18-2015 01:57 PM

Guest post by Ferhan Kilical, HP Software Senior product marketing manager


The brave new world of IT has transformed everything we do. Now IT itself has entered a new phase, which we call ‘user-driven IT’. The new generation of users is almost born with IT skills; they seem to automatically know where to move their fingers to operate devices. They just know to push a button to send a smiley face or how to text like a machine.  It is almost like a lifestyle where younger generations do everything online, via phone or tablet. The thought of reading a book, watching a movie, doing a research, ordering clothes, keeping diet logs, listening to music or fighting with a friend without the Internet is almost foreign to them. Is it addiction? Not really, I think it is a lifestyle.


Computers have moved to our pockets and Internet connections have moved to the airwaves.  Apps are expected to know and understand the user, rather than the other way around. Factors such as the user’s location (like a grocery store or sporting event), context (like looking for a parking spot, buying tickets) and proximity to friends are variables the app must recognize intuitively without having the user define and input the information.


Mobility is growing at such a rate that Gartner sees mobile app development outnumbering PC app development 4:1 by 2015. This trend is leading to more apps being built and more frequent updates. These applications need to function flawlessly, scale well, be available 24x7 and must be secure.  They also need to be quickly provisioned and deployed. The new web and mobile applications are actually structured as a composition of services hosted in a combination of public and private clouds. The availability of these services can cause delays in the software development and testing lifecycle if the timing isn’t precise. 


Through the use of HP Service Virtualization, teams will be able to build a dev/test cloud of virtualized (or simulated) services, removing impediments caused by limited access to provide a smooth path to obstacle-free development and testing work.  HP Service Virtualization (SV) is software that removes development and test wait time that otherwise slows delivery of composite applications, which are composed of integrated shared services and components. It was designed to enable your teams to create, develop and test against virtual services that simulate real service behavior with no constraints. And it was developed to be available anytime.


With HP Service Virtualization:

  • Virtualize services just from design and data
  • Record once, use anywhere by dev and test
  • Remove dependency on costly cloud services
  • Mitigate production, data and privacy concerns

HP Service Virtualization is:

  • Integrated with ALM/QC
  • Simple, visual web-based virtual service administration
  • Enabled to help you set up a virtual lab with virtual services


With the use of HP Service Virtualization you can rest assured that you have tested high-quality applications.  It is vital that applications perform their defined functions, should scale 24x7 and be secure. The end users must have a great experience with the applications and must be happy with them! The brave new world of IT has all the necessary tools available that will lead to high quality. It is our job to utilize them and take advantage of the benefits of operating in this new world.


To find out other ways to think about Service Virtualization, I encourage you to read my other blogs here:


If you are looking for more information on HP Service Virtualization, feel free to visit our homepage here.


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yonca korkmaz
on ‎11-26-2013 04:59 PM

This is an enlightening blog. I will need to learn more about service virtualization. Thanks a lot.

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