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The importance of application testing solutions and the Global Citizens Festival

HPE-SW-Guest ‎10-22-2013 09:42 AM - edited ‎09-18-2015 01:58 PM

Guest Post by Ferhan Kilical, HP Software Senior product marketing manager


I spent September 28 in Central Park listening to world famous bands, singers and to presentations by celebrities known world-wide. I was at the Global Citizen Festival, which for the second year drew a capacity audience of 60,000 to Central Park. Everyone who attended had a single, stubborn mission—the end of extreme poverty worldwide. Repeatedly during the five-and-a-half-hour concert there were reminders of its core objective through testimonials, short videos and celebrity speakers.


VIPs from both the entertainment world and the international community were part of the Global Citizen Concert. Stars like Alicia Keys and John Mayer, and officials like the president of the World Bank, President of Liberia, Princess of Denmark and others joined forces to urge world leaders to help end extreme poverty by 2030.


All of these VIPs and world-famous people spoke about:

  • How to end hunger
  • How to educate women
  • Providing equal rights for women
  • How to provide healthcare to the citizens of the world

HP is proud to be a global partner supporting the event.


How technology is vital to this mission


I heard the president of Liberia, Ethiopia, and more present ideas of how to tackle these difficult topics. While listening I thought about all of these poor countries and all the ‘not haves’ in the world today.  These people are missing simple, basic needs that we take for granted.  It is also important to remember that everyone has a very touching story.


This includes the mother carrying her child in her back in the wilderness for two days to be seen by a doctor or a medical facility. After she receives the medicine, she carries the child two days on her back, back to her home where she has the rest of the family. Hearing stories about this mother and seeing her living conditions brings tears to my eyes. I also heard one of the speakers talk about how mobile phones and tablets have changed how healthcare workers receive education. Now they are able to train and help the healthcare workers in remote areas and are able to save more lives. He goes on to describe how Ericson has given these organizations free airtime and that computer hardware companies have helped them. Now healthcare workers in remote areas can work with a surgeon, radiologist and pharmacist online to provide immediate care to a patient.

All of this is accomplished with the power of software. 


This life saving software has to be very robust where seconds can help to save a life. All of a sudden I imagined using HP test tools for performance, functional test and service virtualization. These applications need to be tested for performance and function.  Because these are enterprise applications, most of the services that take place in the application often belong to other systems, behind firewalls or can be migrating from legacy systems.


The services or API calls can be simulated by HP Service Virtualization and can be part of the whole testing process. With this knowledge, I all of a sudden feel that I am part of the whole event. As a HP employee and citizen of the global world I understand that I can help build these applications and test them by HP tools.  With HP test tools we can test the applications that help and empower the health care workers all over the globe and remote areas. There should not be any defects in these applications—and we help with this process. A defect in an application can cause a major failure in the system in the real world. This failure can cause the death of a child or a person. WE can help to produce defect free applications.


As a citizen of the global team, all of a sudden my heart was filled with joy. Even though things can be harsh and difficult, if each one of us chips in to help, it will make the world a better place. After this event I feel connected to the goals. Even though my share is very small, deep inside I feel like saying “thank you” to HP and the global team members. It is amazing to work for a company that really does make a difference.


To find out other ways to think about Service Virtualization, I encourage you to read my other blogs here:

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Justine Kirsten
on ‎10-24-2013 05:25 AM

This is an excellent article. There is a major need for good applications in healtcare and healthcare education. It sounds very interesting to have performance test and service virtualization as part of these applications.

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