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The other side of MWC

Ron_Koren ‎03-23-2014 04:10 AM - edited ‎06-09-2015 02:30 PM

I was lucky enough to attend Mobile World Congress last month in Barcelona. The event was electric with product announcements, technology advancements and predictions for innovations. I was excited for the launch of the Samsung’s Galaxy S5 and LG’s G Flex (which was my favorite) at MWC14.

This was the second time that I had the privilege to attend this impressive conference on behalf of HP and I want to share my experience of this huge event.



MWC from HP’s Perspective:


HP’s booth and solution demonstrations resided in the GSMA Pavilion, which was by far THE pavilion to visit! It had many elaborate exhibits and drew the most attendees. 


Visitors were able to select from a range of activities like experiencing demonstrations of our solutions and engaging directly with leading
industry experts and HP executives to learn how our innovations shape the
industry.  Visitors also had the opportunity to attend unique transformation workshops on cloud and big data.



Meg Whitman (CEO) was also in attendance at MWC and was fully engaged in customer-facing meetings. This is just another reminder of the importance of this market to us.





Mobility is more than just tracking number of downloads!


In many companies, managing mobile applications simply means tracking how often a mobile application is downloaded.  But there is much more that need to be done around a mobile application and that is what HP taught people at Mobile World Congress.

HP had six stations that showed how HP solutions assist customers in the design, development, testing, distribution, and maintenance of a mobile application.    At HP, we call this Application Lifecycle Management and here is what we showcased:


1. Plan and Secure: Mobile projects are agile projects.  Teams need to be fast and agile to succeed. It is important to weave security throughout the lifecycle.

2. Design:  Great mobile apps demand a deeper understanding of user needs. As a result apps are designed around the user.

3. Build:  Enterprise mobile apps bust enable BYOD. This requires a multi- device solution that is secure, manageable and engaging for users.

4. Optimize: Quality and security are critical.  You need to automate your testing and embrace performance testing – and this is what HP showed companies at MWC.

5. Run: Delivering the apps to the users is just the first step… you must monitor and understand the user experience to find and fix problems when they occur.

6. Monitor: As we all know from the ITIL framework, you need to continuously monitor your applications and services, so that you can quickly identify and fix problems before you are the headline in the news. That is what HP showed – how to monitor the performance of the mobile app and provide feedback to improve the user experience.


One of my most memorable moments was when I gave a demo to a VP at big bank in Europe. He in charge of the company’s mobile platform.  I told him about HP’s solutions for the Mobile Apps Lifecycle and he started asking me questions about monitoring. During that visit, we had a nice conversation about why enterprises need to monitor the performance and availability of their mobile applications to protect their brand. Then I showed him the Application Performance Management (APM) for Mobile solution we have as part of BSM.  Part of the demo shows how the Bank mobile application owner is using the new Real User Monitor “(RUM) Mobile Health report to visualize and isolate potential issues based on what users are actually doing and experiencing. After seeing this, he was so excited for the potential of this product and he told me that exactly what he was looking for!


MWC at a glance


I prefer not to focus on technology (since it was already widely covered by the media), but we would also like to tell you about the other impressive side of the event, which was the exciting atmosphere.

The conference this year was the world's largest mobile exhibition and it was even bigger than last year. The pavilion and the show floor were packed the entire time and attendees had a chance to rub shoulders with over 85,000 attendees from over 200 countries.  They were exposed to a wealth of knowledge and enjoyed the networking opportunities that were available at the event.

Along the side of the Classic mobile companies had a large presence at the event, but I was surprised by the number of hardware, software companies as well as car manufacturers.

Contrary to normal events that take place at Fira Gran Via in Barcelona (like HP Discover), the real estate of the Mobile World Congress utilized each and every centimeter from a branding and marketing perspective.

“Size matters” was the underlying theme of the event.  Each exhibitor attempted to increase their visibility by renting larger spaces as well as invest in “over-the-top” designs of their booths. FireFox, AirWatch, and Huawei took this strategy one step further by expanding their presence to the center of Barcelona and created an amazing musical show that was projected on huge screens.


If I could summarize this week in one sentence, then I will tell you what you probably already know Mobile is everything and everywhere. This is why we have introduced APM and RUM for Mobile. We want to make sure our capabilities are available for mobile as this industry grows.

Feel free to reach out to me in the comments section below if you want to know more about these products or if you want to know more about what we are doing in the mobile space.

For more information on updates to BSM 9.23 including RUM for Mobile:

About the Author


Ron Koren is a subject matter expert for BSM / APM, currently in the Demo Solutions Group acting as a Senior Architect. Ron has over fourteen years of technology experience, and a proven track record in providing exceptional customer service. Ron began his career in R&D as a software engineer, and later as a team manager. Ron joined HP software in 2007 as an engineer in the Customer-Oriented R&D team. Prior to joining HP, Ron held a leadership development role at Israel’s largest bank. Ron holds a B.S. in Computer Science from The Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya Israel.

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